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Hindi sinabi ni renato constantino sr. na ayaw niyang naging bayani si dr. Jose Rizal. iminungkahi niya na Hindi dapat maging national hero siya sapagkat wala namang kinalaman siya sa rebolusyon ng katipunan. itinakwil pa nga nito ang rebolusyon.

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Q: Sang-ayon ba si renato constantino na naging bayani si rizal?
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When did Renato Constantino die?

Renato Constantino died in 1999.

When was Renato Constantino born?

Renato Constantino was born in 1919.

What is history according to Renato Constantino to Teodoro Agoncillo and to Sonia Zaide?

what is history according to Renato Constantino

Explain renato constantino's supposition that Philippine history is a story of struggle?

Explain renato constantinos supposition the philippine history is story of struggle

What is history according to Renato Constantino?

history is not only for the rich and famous people but also for the ordinary citizens

Is Rizal a reformist or a separatist?

Please read Renato Constantino's article: Veneration without understanding. He was a reformist, asking for more liberties from the Spanish rulers.

What is the summary of Veneration Without Understanding by Renato Constantino?

Renato Constantino is a Philippine historian. "Veneration Without Understanding" was actually a stand-alone essay or article that later formed Chapter 9 of his book, "Dissent and Counter-Consciousness." In the article, Renato Constantino talks about Rizal as an American-sponsored hero. Unlike heroes in other countries who led their respective countries' fight for freedom, Rizal did not only not take part in the Philippine revolution, but even did his best to stifle it. Renato Constantino cited Rizal's manifesto addressed to the Filipino people (December 15, 1896) to prove this point. According to Constantino, Rizal's unequivocal position against the Philippine Revolution was a glaring contradiction, coming from a man who was believed to have dedicated his life for the freedom of his country and countrymen. Constantino called Rizal an American-sponsored hero because it was Governor William Howard Taft and some conservative Filipinos who named Rizal as the Philippine national hero, over Aguinaldo, Bonifacio and Mabini. The rationale for the choice, as written later by Governor W. Cameron Forbes in his book, "The Philippine Islands," was: "Rizal never advocated independence, nor did he advocate armed resistance to the government." In the article, Constantino also talks about the concept of Filipino nationhood.

What is the origin of a myth by Renato Constantino all about?

This is one of the articles written by the late professor. It is an excellent attempt to analize and critique the roots of the pervasive colonial mentality of the Filipino people towards America.

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