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local color realism

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Q: Sarah orne jewett's writing is best known for its style?
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Sarah orne jewetts's writing is best known for its style?

local color realism

Ancients utilized the writing style known as?


What is Rhetoric and Prosody?

the elated & impressive style of writing is known as rhetoric

What is the style of writing of khushwant singh?

Khushwant Singh is known for his candid and witty style of writing. He often blends satire and humor with social commentary in his works. His writing is straightforward and engaging, making it accessible to a wide range of readers.

What Allan Edgar Poe's style of writing?

His style is known today as Gothic or Dark Romanticism.He was a very dark, mysterious writer. He connected most of his stories with his feelings and things that had happened in his past.His writing style was surrealistic and morbid.

Who was known for writing in powerful concrete style in the 1920s?

Ernest Hemingway was known for his powerful and concrete writing style in the 1920s. His sparse and direct prose revolutionized modern literature and earned him a reputation as one of the greatest American writers of the 20th century.

What does writing style mean?

a style of expressing yourself in writing

What is the official style of Chinese writing in china?

The official style of writing is simplified writing. :)

Which writing form is most likely to contain a narrative?

The form of writing style that most likely contains a narrative is known as Narrative Form. This is a very descriptive style of writing that tells a vivid story. It is intended that as the reader you will be lead to a conclusion while reading narrative forms of writing.

What is James Fenimore Cooper's writing style?

Romantic writing style

What style of writing incorporates expressions common to only a small group of the population?

A writing style that incorporates expressions common to only a small group of the population is known as a "jargon" or "slang" style of writing. This type of writing is often used within specific communities or professions to communicate more effectively among members who share a specialized vocabulary or set of terms.

What author was fond of improvisational writing?

Jack Kerouac was known for his improvisational writing style, notably in his novel "On the Road." He often typed spontaneously, without revising, to capture the stream-of-consciousness style of his characters.