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Earth and Saturn are two very different planets. Saturn has many moons while Earth only has 1 moon. Saturn also has a diameter that is 9 times bigger than Earth.


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How much colder is saturn compared to earth?

Saturn is 764 times the size of Earth.

If Saturn was a bed sheet, Earth would be a handkerchief. Earth is just a troublesome little rock compared to the big boulder Saturn. Another way, Earth would be a Pekinese, and Saturn would be a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Saturn is one of the gassy planets and is huge compared to the size of Earth. Saturn has a diameter of 120,536km much bigger than Earth. Earth, however only has a diameter of 12,756km. If you were smart enough you would work out Saturn is 9.45 x Earth.

9x's the size of Earth<3

saturn is 95 times more massive than earth. by alissa demars

Earth temperature is of about 25º approx. whereas the temperature of Saturn is -150º or even colder!

The gravity of Saturn is about 1.065 g whereas the gravity on Earth is 0.99732 gSo Saturn has about 1.068 more gravity.

Mars would be brighter compared to Saturn because it is closer to Earth.

The gas giant, Saturn, is much larger than the Earth, having about 9.4 times the surface area of the Earth. Saturn-120,034 km Earth-12,756 km

If you weighed 100lb on Earth, you would only weigh 106.4lb on Saturn.

ANSWER:Saturn is 938 million miles from the sun. The earth is 93 million miles from the sun, do the math and (takes his shoes off) and Saturn is 845 million miles from the earth.

Well, you see....the difference of size between the Earth and Saturn is that when it's compared to each other, Earth is like the size of a marble next to Saturn. :3

A day on Saturn lasts 10.6 hours, while a day on Earth lasts about 24 hours. So a Day on Saturn is 44.4% as long as an Earth day.

Because it is a different distance from the sun compared to the earth

Saturn is about 9.41 times larger than Earth. You could fit 833 Earths inside Saturn See link for planet comparison.

no one really knows the diameter compared because it is still remained a mystery...sorry

The orbital period of Earth is 365.26 days.The orbital period of Saturn is 10,832.32 days (29.66 years) Source: Wikipedia

The earth is "very big" compared to Mercury or Mars, but the earth is only "big" compared to Saturn or Jupiter. It really depends how you wan to look at it, optimistically or pessimistically.

Since its orbit is out at 9.5 AU, and the inverse square law, the sun at Saturn appears to be only one 90th as bright as it does from Earth.

Saturn is cold because it is so far from the sun that not much light or heat reaches it compared to what the Earth gets.

Saturn is 120,536 km; that's about 9.5 times bigger than the diameter of the Earth. The surface area of Saturn is 83 times the area of Earth, and the volume is 764 times the volume of Earth. In other words, you could fit 764 planets the size of Earth inside Saturn! and thats alot of planets.

Saturn has slightly more gravity at its "surface" than Earth does. To give some perspective, a 100-pound person would weigh 106.4 pounds if they could stand on Saturn.

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