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Saturn is famous for its?


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thousands of rings


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It is the planet Saturn.

Saturn is the most famous planet with rings.

Saturn is a large planet famous for its rings.Also Jupiter has rings, but not as many as saturn, but still easily seen through a telescope.

Saturn's "surface" is gas.

moons. Also, the famous rings.

Saturn is famous for its rings.

Saturn is famous for its spectacular ring system. Even though all the gas giants have rings, Saturn's are the most visible and can be seen from Earth by a normal telescope.

The planet which is famous for its rings of dust and ice is Saturn.

Yes It is famous for its rings. they are formed from dust and tiny ice crystals.

Well the famous one is Saturn. Jupiter and Uranus have a ring as well.

The most famous Saturn convertible you can get is the Saturn Sky, the Saturn sky comes with some different options, the red line the most famous one. Base is no extra and a 2.0 litre engine, and then you have red line and red line turbo, with 2.4 litre and 2.4 litre with extra turbo.

Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune all have rings.

Saturn. But Jupiter and Neptune Have rings too.

All of the gaseous planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune have rings. Saturn's rings are just more prominent.

Jupiter, uranus and neptune all have rings which are made of rock and dust. none of them have as many rings as Saturn though.

Planet Saturn has 62 known moons of which 53 are named. Of course, the famous rings are made up of debris of former satellites or moons.

Each of the four gas giants has a ring system, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Saturns rings are the most prominent.

The planet Saturn is next the planets Jupiter and Uranus. It is famous for being the only planet with what appear to be rings that float around the planet.

Saturn has a very large system of rings around it.

Saturn is the second largest planet in the Milky Way. Saturn is most famous for its ring system. The rings are made of space dust and ice.

Because Saturn is known for it's large, colorful rings. No other panet is as famous for them because the rings are plain and small compared to the planet.

They are named rings which the most famous ones are located on the planet Saturn.

Saturn is the planet with the most visible rings. Saturn's rings are one of the most iconic symbols of astronomy.Saturn is the planet in our solar system that is famous for the rings.

The rings of Saturn orbits Saturn

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