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what is savage bolt action 30 06 worth

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โˆ™ 2009-11-20 21:57:52
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Q: Savage 30 06 bolt action worth?
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How do you remove the bolt from the action of a Savage Model 110 bolt action rifle?

Follow the instructions in the owner's manual. Contact Savage for one if you don't have one. i have a savage model 111e 30-06, on mine you hole the trigger in while sliding the bolt back, you can also try the webpage, those guys are very helpful.

What is the value of a savage model 110 30-06 bolt action rifle with leuapold scope?

100-500 USD or so

What is the value of a savage west point model 410 series k 30-06 bolt action rifle?

100-300 USD

Who makes West Point 30-06 rifles 410 model. No other markings. Bolt action center fire.?

The Westpoint 410 Series K .30-06 Bolt Action Rifle. Westpoint was a trade name for Savage for Cotter & Company also know as Cotter Hardware. The Westpoint 410 is comparable to the Savage 110

How much is a inter arms 30 06 bolt action rifle worth?

50-400 usd

What is a Western Auto Supply Co Revelation bolt action 30-06 worth?


How much is a ruger bolt action 30-06 worth?

300-450 dollars depending on condition.

What is a browning 30-06 belgium bolt action worth?

Without more specific information; 100-1000 USD

How do i purchase a bolt for a old 30-06 rifle savage?

You need the services of a gunsmith

How much is a savage model 111 30-06 worth?

$ 570

What is a 2506 browning a bolt medallion?

A bolt action rifle chambered for 25/06

What is a short action rifle?

Refers to the length of the action and the cartirdges it will accept. 30/06 is long action, 250 Savage is short action.

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