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Q: Scientist can best be described as?
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What scientist first described Pangaea?

what scientist first described pangea

What scientist first described evolution as a process of adaptation?

Jean Lamark was the scientist that first described evolution as a process of adaptation.

Scientist who first described the cell?


Who was the ancient scientist who described anatomy?


Who was Scientist that first described cells?


Scientist who first described cells?


Which scientist described a positively charged ball with electrons embedded throughout it?

This scientist was Ernest Rutherford.

Who was the first scientist that described a cell?

Robert Hook

What scientist described the process of cell division?

walther feilmming

An English scientist who described how things move?

isaac newtonburg

Who is the scientist that first described cells?

I think it was Anton van Leeuwenhoek who first described cells.

Organizing is best described as?

Organizing is best described