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Sears Roebuck and Co 45 cal 292.51766?

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I am missing a few parts for a Kentucky percussion rifle kit from Sears and Roebuck. Model #292.51766. Do you know where you can order these?

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The Model 45 is the same gun as the Marlin Model 336C. Pricing on the Sears model would be approx. 10%-20% less than the Marlin.

The JC Higgins Model 45 is simply the Marlin Model 336C as made for Sears. The base gun is still in production, although Sears is no longer in the gun business.

I saw one today in a pawn shop, it was in good shape for $200.00

The value is between $45 and $500 depending on the model. Remember these items were MASS produced and there are plenty of spare parts available.

Many of the these guitars are valued in price close to $45 each. The exact price will vary depending upon the items condition.

The Sears 103.19801 was made by Marlin, as the Model 80 bolt action repeating rifle, between 1934-1939. It books at $45-$85.

any 45 cal ammo will work in a 45 cal pistol

45 ACP can be used in both auto and revolver. The revolver must have a 45 ACP cylinder.

my opinion is the 45 ACP round has more knock down powder then the 40 caliber

This is a "Crosman model V350" Mfg 1961-69. In average working condition it is worth $30-$45 in excellent condition it is worth $120 (like new)

the 1917 colt revolver fired a rim 45 cal cartridge. however, half moon clips were used to insert 45 cal. auto shells and then place the inserts into the cylinder. In this manner both the 45 cal. rim cartridge and the 45 cal. semi-auto rimless cartridge can be fired from the 1917 revolver.

This is a "Crosman model V350" Mfg 1961-69. In average working condition it is worth $30-$45 in excellent condition it is worth $120 (like new)

Is it possible that you are looking for 45 L WCCO? As in 45 Long, Winchester Cartridge Company?

suggest you check with a gunsmith. I believe there is a slight difference between the 455 cal and 45 cal. however, I also believe the 455 cal can be changed (by gunsmith) to the 45 cal.

if a pistol, tnen the same way as the military 45 cal pistol

I have a Derringer Philadelphia dikar Spain 45 cal. ser.# 035347 in realley good shape. I want to know what it is worth. at

Centrefire. All .45 cartridges are Centrefire.

Your rifle was made for Sears by Marlin, and is a model 336C.

are you asking the value of a 'single' 45 cal. cartridge or the value of a 45 cal pistol/revolver ???? If a weapon, for value, you would have to declare the overall condition of the weapon, maker, model and serial number........................

Made by Marlin and is a version of the Model 336. Probably 1950's-1960's. In excellent shape, can bring $200-$225.

Air Rifles come in several different bores. .177, .20, .22, .25, 9mm, 45 Cal, 357, and 50 Cal. Big bore usually refers to the 9mm, 45 Cal and 50 Cal. These rifles fall into the PCP class of Air Rifles.

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