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Q: Secondary source for how did cotton change the south?
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How did cotton change the economy of the South?


How did Europe not buying cotton hurt the south and war efforts?

Cotton was a main product of the South. When Europeans didn't buy the South's main source of money for the war was cut off.

What was the main effect of Eli whitney's cotton gin change on the south?

The Cotton Gin helped the slaves pick the seeds out of the cotton>

How did the invention of the cotton gin change the ideas about slavery in the south?

The cotton gin made selling cotton profitable with slave labor.

Who was the the most dramatic change in agriculture in the South was the invention of the?

The most dramatic change in agriculture in the South was the invention of the cotton gin.

What was the main way the south made money in 1860's?

The primary source of revenue was cotton. They would bale it and sell to England and other countries where it would be made into cloth. The secondary sources were tobacco and other farm crops.

How did Eli whitney's cotton gin change in the south?

the cotton gin was able to process A LOT more cotton, thus more slaves were needed to grow more cotton.

Why did southerners refer to their cotton crops as king cotton?

Cotton accounted for a growing proportion of U.S. exports-more than half in 1960.

What is a primary source for cotton gin?

a primary source is like who was there to witness what ever you did so for the cotton gin they askin who saw Eli Whitney invent the cotton gin im only n the 7th grade to im smart i pay attention n class

The growth of the steel industry and cotton mills in the South was an indication of what change?

It suggested that a new approach to the economy was developing in the South

What was a cotton gin and why did it change the economy and lives of people living in the south?

It is a machine (gin comes from engine) that quickly removes the seeds from raw cotton. It made cotton cheap to produce.

What was cotton considered as in the south?

cotton was considered as "king" in the south.