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Q: Seeing his son graduate from college is most likely a short term goal for a person of what ages?
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What kind of person is an alumna?

A person who is an alumna is a female graduate of a school, college or university. They are usually well educated and likely to be successful in the future.

What is the meaning of a jobless graduate?

Generally speaking, a jobless graduate refers to a college graduate. It can be any degree, such as a Mater's degree of a Ph.d. The question identifies the situation where a college educated person can find no job.

What online college will let a person graduate online as a graphics designer?

Some of the online colleges where a person can graduate as a graphics designer are: International Academy of Design and Technology, Bryant & Stratton College, and Herzing University.

How young do you have to be to go to college?

it just depends if you are super smart you can graduate at 16 but really a normal person does graduate at 18

There was a person from New Jersey who was the first graduate from the College of Philadelphia who was he?

button whipple

Who is the youngest person to graduate from a college in Arkansas?

A 17 year old guy

What could a person do to become an OBGYN?

To become an OB/GYN a person must graduate from college and attend medical school.

Do you have to graduate to get into US military?

As of right now 30 April 2010 each branch will not process a person for enlistment unless that person is a High School Senior who is expected to graduate, a High School Graduate, College Student or a person who holds a GED with 15 college credits or more. If a High School Senior has already enlisted into any branch of service and fails to graduate then they have failed to meet the requirements for enlistment and their contract will be terminated.

What was Helen Keller first to do?

Helen Keller was the first deft and blind person to graduate from Radcliffe college.

Why to graduate from college?

you graduate college because you want to get a jobAn individual usually wants to graduate from college in order to get a job in an area that requires a special degree. Some people feel that a college degree will lead to a higher paying job. This has proven to be true in many cases. Several other reasons a person wants to graduate from college include: a) the amount of time one has put in studying to pass classes, b) the amount of money that one has invested in textbooks for classes, and c) the amount of money that they had to pay for classes that they took.

What school did Helen Keller graduate from?

Helen Keller graduated with honors from Radcliffe College, which is now a part of Harvard University, in 1904.

Should people go to college or just graduate high school?

If you can afford it, then you should go to college. On the average, a person with a degree will earn $2.8 million more over their life than a person without one.