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Q: Senator from Massachusetts who was the greatest orator in congress?
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What is the name of orator and statesman from Massachusetts?

Daniel Webster

What was Hitler's greatest talent?

His greatest talent was his talent for public speaking since Hitler was a great orator.

Who was orator and statesman from Massachusetts who advocated a strong national government to preserve the Union?

Daniel Webster

How do you use the word outspoken in a sentence?

The outspoken young man immediately confronted the senator about his record on environmental issues. The orator was an outspoken advocate of abolitionism in the 1840s.

Was Adolf Hitler an orator?

Yes he was a very good orator many people that listened to him speak could not help but be drawn in by him. Also: According to Ian Kershaw's biography delivering rabble-rousing speeches was by far his greatest talent.

Who is the greatest orator in the world?

There is no definitive answer to who the greatest orator in the world is, as it is subjective and depends on personal opinion. Some individuals often mentioned for their exceptional speaking skills include Martin Luther King Jr., Winston Churchill, and Barack Obama. Each of these figures is known for their ability to effectively communicate and inspire audiences.

What is an Orator?

An orator is a person who gives a speech

What is a orator?

a orator is a person who does public speaking

Was Rajiv Gandhi an orator?

He was a good orator

What is another word for orator?

Another word for orator is lecturer or public speaker. The word orator is of Middle English origin and is derived from the Anglo-Norman French word orator.

What is the possessive form of orator?

The possessive form of the noun orator is orator's.example: The orator's message was inspiring to the audience.

What is the duration of The Orator?

The duration of The Orator is 1.83 hours.