Sentence using meager

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the food they gave us was meager

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Q: Sentence using meager
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How do you use the word meager in a sentence?

He cooked using a meager amount of spice. The meager supply of food would not last through the winter.

What are some sentences using the word meager?

My meager credentials didn't impress the people in personnel. The grazing is meager here, so limit the number of your livestock. The food rations were meager for the soldiers in Okinawa.

What are some example sentences for the word meager?

Meager: adjective:Low in amount, strength, or value; poor; very little.Small in quality or quantity; very thin.Some Example Sentences:Due to budget cuts, the dinners we will be serving at the shelter will be very meager, just bread and watery soup.Teachers frequently complain about the meagercompensation they receive for putting in hours of hard labor.I am not a fan of using too much butter because it is so unhealthy, so I only used a meager amount.The poor man could only afford a meager amount of food and did not want to accept charity.We were served a meager portion of mash potatoes.His meager appearance made us think that something was wrong with him.The family was faced with a meager supply of food after the Katrina disaster.After all the hard work that we did, they offered to pay us a meager amount of money.The dinner was so meager, that some people didn't get to eat.The meek and meager shall inherit the Earth.

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Does meager tirade make sense?

It sounds as though it makes sense, however the words are not really compatible. Meager refers to a thin or emaciated person or animal. Tirade can mean a long and vehement speech or a prolonged bitter outburst. The word tirade explains the situation in its own right and thus can not, and should not, be downgraded by using meager

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