Sentence with the word malignant

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The tests show that the tumor is malignant.

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Q: Sentence with the word malignant
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Can you Make a sentence using word 'malignant'?

The MRI of the patient is characteristic of malignant tumor. The malignant growth of the industries has spoiled the landscape.

Can you help me make a sentence with the word malignant?

The tumor is malignant, which means cancerous, so I'll have to have it removed.

How do you write a sentence using the word malignant?

My grandmother had a tumor removed for a biopsy. Fortunately, it was not malignant! (Meaning it was not cancerous)

Can you write a sentence using the word malignant?

A malignant tumor is cancerous; a benign tumor is not. The farmer described the soil damage done by the drought as "malignant". Citizens wanted to rid their city of its malignant crime statistics.

Sentence for malignant?

The tumor in Jesse's head isn't malignant. In the sentence, malignant means cancerous. Fortunately, Jesse will be fine after surgery.

What is antonym for the word malignant?

The antonym for the word malignant is benign.

Use malignant in a sentence?

The oncologist informed her patient that the tumor was malignant.

What is another word for a malignant substance?

Malignant substance

How do you use the word 'malignant' in a sentence?

(malignant means having an evil influence, malevolent, or dangerous; medically applied to cancer)"Jews became the target of malignant Nazi plans during World War II.""I had fallen into the hands of a malignant fate.""The tumor was malignant, therefore the patient needed more serious treatment."

How do you use malignat in a sentence?

The tumor is malignant.

A sentence for malignant?

Malignant is deadly and harmful just to make sureMalignant: Much to the patient's relief, the x-ray revealed no Malignant growth.MalignantNvrstoptxtin:)

Malign in a sentence?

The tumor was tested and the doctor said it was malignant. That is a great sentence to use since the word means infectious disease.

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