Sentence with word of 'pyramid'

Updated: 9/16/2023
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The Egyptians built the Great Pyramid.

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Q: Sentence with word of 'pyramid'
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Can you give me a sentence that has the word pyramid?

I like pyramids.

What sentence can you use with the word pyramid?

The Egyptian pyramids are beautiful

Use the word pyramid in a sentence?

I went to Egypt and visited the great Pyramids.

Can you give me a sentence using the word Great Pyramid?

The Great Pyramids were great!

How can you use the word population pyramid in a sentence?

You can use a POPULATION PYRAMID to help find out the population of a place according to the age, sex, and other demographics.

How can you use the word strongest in a sentence?

The strongest historical building in the world is the grand pyramid in Egypt.

What is the meaningful sentence of the word incising?

They were still incising the words into the inner walls of the pyramid when the entrance was sealed up.

How would you use energy pyramid in a sentence?

An enerhy Pyramid consists on yo mama.

What is a sentence that uses definition context clues to show the meaning of the word ziggurat?

A ziggurat, a type of pyramid, is usually used for religious purposes.

How do you pyramid in a sentence?

The Egyptians built the pyramids. A pyramid scheme is a financial scam. The boy used blocks to build a pyramid shape.

Is pyramid a noun?

Yes, the word 'pyramid' is a noun; a word for a shape or structure with a polygon for its base and three or more triangles for its sides which meet to form the top; a word for a thing.The word 'pyramid' is also a verb: pyramid, pyramids, pyramiding, pyramided.

What is German for pyramid?

The German word for pyramid is (die) Pyramide.