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sometime hpt don't work if you have low hcg..if you still haven't had a period --then you should go to your doctor and ask for a blood test--a blood test will tell you -you're pregnant or not even if you have a low hcg--good luck


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It simply means your Neopet is as full as it can get, and it's no longer hungry. When something or someone is bloated, they are feeling extremely full!

Bloating and hunger are side effects of depo provera. If you had a baby in the last four weeks, you are not likely to be pregnant.

It seems a bit soon for pregnancy symptoms such as you describe to be affecting you, so I would suggest there is another cause.

no it actually makes you less hungry and its very good for you.

first one is missing your period, you may feel sick in the mornings, dizzy if you stand up too quick, constipation, slight cramping (much less painful than period) and from personal experience feeling hungry and bloated x

I am not an expert but, I get super hungry and I am not pregnant. (By the way I am 10 yrs. old.)

It very well could be. But spotting and cramping don't sound right. I think you should try a home pregnancy test.

the dog is still hungry because it might be pregnant

Just because you are extremely hungry doesnt mean you might be pregnant 0.o You should take the test and see

Yes it is very normal to be hungry right after you eat,

That means tha baby is hungry

i think so... i just got my test done and it showed me i am pregnant. I have been feeling abnormally hungry :) so i guess it should be an early sign of pregnancy.

because you are storing food in your stomach and then you digest it out and then when you digested it all out you will be hungry again .... it usually takes about 4 hours to digest everything :)

Goldfish do not have stomachs so they always feel hungry. This would explain why they are always so hungry. The fact that they are hungry all the time is a good sign- it means their healthy, and no they haven't gotten pregnant because pregnancy is not involved in the reproduction of goldfish.

i think im pregnant and i keep waking up hungry in the morning. im not sure if the two have anything to do with each other tho

I just had a urine test (7weeks pregnant) and the midwives said I must have skipped breakfast as there was a substance in my urine (can't remember what it was). And they were right... I was very hungry!

they were hungry for fat people and luisa

then you need to either take a pregnancy test or see a doctor. if have anymore questions and need the best anwers to your questions, go to

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