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A human brain is larger overall, sheep brains have larger olfactory bulbs though, they also have an area on the sides, around where the temporal lobe is where their eyes go, this causes an indentation humans don't have.

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What is the significance in size difference between sheep and human brains?

Human brain is larger compared to the sheep brain. Also, it is round while the sheep brain is elongated.

How does the depth of fissures in sheep's cerebral hemisphere compare to human?

The depth of the fissure creating the cerebral hemisphere in a human brain is larger than that of a sheep. This is due to the fact that the human brain is larger and rounder compared to the elongated brain of the sheep.

What does a human brain and a sheep brain have in common?

Well 1 reason why the human brain and sheep brain are alike are that they are both brains...

How does the fornix in a sheeps brain compare to a human brain?

The brain of a sheep is much smaller than that of a human. The sheep brain is approximately 10% of the human brain. Both brains have a fornix, which is again much smaller in the sheep brain.

Is olfactory bulb human or sheep brain?

An olfactory bulb is in both the human and sheep brain.

Are the fissures of a sheep of human deeper?

the fissures of a human brain are deeper than the fissures of the sheep brain

Sheep brain vs human brain?

The human brains bigger

How does the depth of the fissures in the sheep's cerebral hemispheres compare to that in the human brain?

The fissure depth in the cerebral hemisphere of sheep are relatively smaller compared to the human brain. The human brain also has more convolutions and can carry out more complex tasks.

Sheep brain and human brain comparison?

in sheep the olfactory bulb and pineal are larger. sheep have a smaller cerebellum.

How do the sizes of the olfactory bulbs of the sheep brain compare with the human brain?

In a sheep brain, the olfactory bulbs are much larger than in a human brain."

What is the difference between sheep and human mammillary body in the brain?

The difference between a sheep and human mammillary body in the brain is that in humans there are two lobes in a sheep there is one lobe.

How big are the Mammillary bodies in a human brain and sheep brain?


Why can't pregnant women handle sheep brain?

98% of the human population can't handle sheep brain!

How does the sheep brain compare to the human brain?

For one, the human brain is markedly larger than the brain of a sheep, the latter of which has less contours and ridges (and thus less surface area). Also, while the human brain has a rounded shape, the sheep's brain is more elongated.

What is the difference between human and goat brain?

Human brain is well developed as compared to goat brain.

Sheep brain corpus callosum compare human corpus callosum?

Sheep brain corpus callosum compares human corpus callosum in a number of ways. These areas of the brain serve similar functions.

What is the significance of the fact that the olfactory bulbs are much larger in the sheep brain than in the human brain?

The sheep need a stronger sence of smell that the human, the size of the bulbs provide have it

What dural septa is missing in a sheep brain that is present in a human brain?

falx cerebelli

How do sheep valves compare to human valves?

Sheep valves can be compared to human valves in a number of ways. One way is that the basic function is the same.

What is the size difference in sheep brainstem and human brainstem?

The human brain stem is towards the backbone and downwards, because in the human body the backbone is vertical; compared to a sheep's backbone which is horizontal, and its brain is directed outwards. This would explain why the size of the brain stems are different. The bodies are formed differently and the brains are situated differently so the brain stem is sized according to the need to support the brain.

Which human organ is compared to the nucleus?

The smelly BRAIN!

Why brain of a human is compared with computer?

for their logical approach.

How does the size of the cerebral hemispheres in sheep and human brains differ?

The hemispheres of the human brain are larger.

When comparing human and sheep brain you observe some profound differences between them Record observations?

When you compare human and sheep brain you observe some profound differences between them. This is because they are differently evolved.

How smart is a dog brain compared to a human brain?

the humans braing is smarter than a dogs brain

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