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WikiAnswers cannot write your paragraphs for you - that's cheating, and you could be expelled for doing it! We WILL help you learn how to write your own paragraphs. First, write down a list of everything you think of when you think of this topic. Make each item on the list into a complete sentence. Next, pretend you're talking to a friend and explaining this topic to them. Arrange your sentences in a logical order and rephrase them when you need to, or add more information to explain yourself. That's all there is to it!

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Q: Short paragraph simple living high thinking?
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What is a short paragraph with the simple future tense?

It will be a piece of writing which you are going to read.

What is a group of sentences and paragraphs that are tied together by one unifying idea that has been developed sufficiently?

In the English language it is called a paragraph.

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give a short paragraph using collective nouns

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A short paragraph about science is a paragraph just consisting of a few sentences on the topic of science. As big of a field as science is, it can be on about any topic.

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write a short paragraph on 'holidays are meant for relaxation and recreation'

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we writes short paragraph when we are samaries a work or piece of writing in a public place

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short and simple, they felt morally unjust with all the new ways of thinking.

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paragraph of ant

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you can give me a short paragraph of 5 sentences talking about of your talent.

What is short paragraph about Kansas in the 1850s?

This is an assignment you need to do. We don't do homework or writing essays for students. Your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills. I will be glad to give support and suggestions, but not do your work.

What is short speech?

a paragraph to byheart and speak out