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They should be submissive to God.

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They should be submissive to God & his parents. IMPROVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THIS GUIDELINE TIPS AND ADVICE.
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Q: Should Christians be submissive
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Jane Eyre was really not that submissive to Rochester but yet she knew her limits well. Jane properly knew when she should be obedient and when she should work on her own will. Therefore, one can say that Jane wasn't submissive to Rochester all the time.

Can you give a sentence for the word submissive?

the young dog was submissive to the leader of the pack

What is a sentence for the word submissive?

The dog was submissive to its owner when it rolled over and exposed its belly.The citizens were tired and submissive.

A sentence using the word submissive?

The citizens were tired and submissive.

Do submissive females suffer from low self-esteem?

Some submissive females have low self-esteem, but not all. Usually, submissive people do not behave in a submissive manner toward everyone. Often, they are only submissive to their mate. Those who are submissive to people in general, though, usually do have low self esteem.

What is the submissive in Filipino word?

Filipino translation of submissive: mababang loob

Are Asian women more submissive?

Slightly more due to their submissive past in eastern asia, where women had a more submissive role.

Who is The Giver in gay sex?

A giver in this kind of relationship should come from both sides but if you have a submissive and a more protective tough like partner, usually the care giver is the submissive feminine or sweet partner but in some cases there can be 2 submissive and 2 butch beings should give an equal amount of love and compassion but if you like when the pretty submissive one is like a wife and you play the role of a husband your gonna want the submissive one to give you a lap-dance when your feeling down i guess in my case I'm a lesbian that's the best answer i can give you.

Should Christians play minecraft?

Everyone should play it, not just christians.

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Catholics are Christians.

What is the sentence that uses the word submissive in The Outsiders?

"Ponyboy gave a submissive look." is the sentence

Is jesus submissive in duty with god?

Is Christ Jesus submissive in His duty to God? Yes.

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