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The PCI video card should work, but you may need to change a setting in your BIOS to recognize it. Enter "setup" when the computer starts, and look for a setting about video options. There is usually a setting indicating to seek an AGP or a PCI video card upon startup. NO! A pci video card will only fit into a pci slot in a motherboard. Likewise an agp will only fit into an agp slot. They are completely different. Both of these above answers are right and wrong. PCI and AGP are two totally different standards, but as long as you have an open PCI slot, you can use a PCI video card and opt not to use the AGP (Make sure to change appropriate options in your BIOS.) ==Answer == Yes you can use a PCI card where the slot is avaliable, but if your motherboard has a slot for AGP cards it is worth noting that the systemboard was designed with AGP in mind. It offers a system bus direct to the prossesor for faster unhindered communication.Running a PCI card on a AGP board may and probably will slow down your system performance.

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Q: Should a PCI video card work on a 8X AGP Nvidea motherboard?
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How many video card slots are on a motherboard?

normally the motherboard have 1 slot for video card.

What Windows XP video card works for oblivion?

nvidea geforce 5200 or higher

Where can one purchase a used NVIDEA video card?

One could find and purchase a used NVIDEA video card at the following locations: Ebay, Newegg, Amazon, and many more. Each location has a great selection of used graphics cards.

What is the difference from a discrete video card and an integrated video card?

An integrated video card is "integrated" into the motherboard. That means the motherboard has a video card built in. A "discrete" video card means that you have a separate video card, one that typically plugs in to one of the expansion slots.

What are the two video card manufacturers?

There are more than 2 manufacturers but the main ones are ATI and Nvidea

If a motherboard has a built in video processor will installing an upgraded video card cause conflicts?

No, you should be able to go into your settings and turn off the onboard video card.

What are the advantages of having built in Video Cards on your motherboard?

What are the advantages to having a built in video card on your motherboard

What pixel shader level does video card Nvidea GeForce 8400GS support?

It supports shader model 4.1

Where is the graphic card located on the motherboard?

If i am not mistaken i believe the Video Card is run off of the North Bridge of the motherboard.

Where is the video card slot?

On your computer's motherboard.

Does IntelR 82945G Express Chipset Family graphic card have a shader model 1.1 or higher if yes then how to enable it?

The 82945G Express Chipset is not a graphics card, it is a motherboard chipset. Your motherboard may have an onboard video card, but this is not it. However, a motherboard which uses the 82945G chipset should be perfectly capable of supporting a video card which has pixel shader 1.1 & higher.

Will a GeForce GT 520 video card work with a Gigabyte GA-970 motherboard?

Yes, it works fine. I have the same motherboard and video card and it works flawlessly!

How do you replace an integrated video card?

An integrated video card is located on the motherboard itself and cannot be replaced. You can add a graphics card to one of the motherboard's slots though. It will then take over and the onboard graphics will not be used. To avoid any conflicts, you should disable the onboard graphics when adding a dedicated graphics card.

A video card is an expansion card installed inside?

yes, its what enables the video card to be attached to the motherboard if I understand your question right

Can you upgrade the inspiron 1525 intergrated video card?

You cannot replace the video card in a laptop,it is soldered to the motherboard.

Is the video slot reported by the video card differ from the type of video slot reported by the motherboard?

no no really

What component does your video adapter card have to be compatible with?

Your Motherboard and Monitor

What determines compatible between a motherboard and video card?


Where on the laptop to find the video card?

It's built into the motherboard.

Can you add a ddr video card to an sdram motherboard?

No, We Can't.

Can I upgrade my computer graphics?

Take a look at your system motherboard to see if it has an AGP or PCI Express card slot (it will be the topmost expansion slot on the motherboard--your monitor should be connected to the card currently sitting there). This will tell you which type of video card is available to you.

Can you use an ati video card in a motherboard that's made for and sli video card?

Yes you can use an ati video card in a sli motherboard, however you cannot put two ati graphics cards in that motherboard and run them in sli. As far as putting one in and just running it single your ok. You would need a motherboard that supports Crossfire to run two ati graphics cards together.

How do you fix and video card that is on a motherboard but my PC wont turn on?

You can disable the onboard video, and install a new video card into a pci slot. It should work fine. Good luck. but my PC doesnt turn on?

What happens to food when the gastroesophageal sphincter contracts?

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Can you use can you use a ddr2 video card with a ddr3 motherboard?

I assume the video card has built in DDR2 memory... and the new computer you're getting runs DDR3. If this is the case, yes, the video card is completely separate from the system. There should be no problems. You can run a video card with DDR5 on a computer that has DDR2 with no problems, aswell.