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The reasons a man would need a bra are:

1. His breasts bounce when he runs or plays sport.

2. His nipples are raised and show through his clothing.

3. His nipples are sensitive and they rub on his shirt.

4. Any combination of the above

These reasons are the same for many women. The only different reason for women is that they want their breasts lifted up and looking young and perky. Men dont want that, but certain Bras can also be used to flatten projecting breasts in men.

Some men for whom surgery is too expensive and seen as cosmetic by medical aid companies have to live with it.

What happens if you have very large breast (38C) and a bra become very noticeable should that matter? Also, will a bra shape your breast from wearing one?

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Q: Should a man or boy with large breasts wear a bra?
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