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No, a news article should be based on facts. Facts can include the opinions of people interviewed for the article, but not the opinions of the reporter.

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Q: Should a news article be based on opinion?
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Should a news article always be based on opinion?

No, a news article should be based on facts and objective reporting rather than opinion. It is important for journalists to present information in an unbiased manner to inform and educate readers. Opinion pieces and editorials are separate forms of content where authors can express their personal views.

What is a type of article?

A type of article could be a news article, opinion piece, research article, or feature article. Each type serves a different purpose and conveys information in a specific way.

What is the definition of comment?

To add one's opinion on something, as in, "I placed a comment on the news article I read."

What are the featues of a featued article?

A featured article should be trending or headline news.

How do you end a news article?

you should include answers to any questions the writer has proposed in the article.

What is editoryal news paper?

An editorial in a newspaper is an article that expresses the opinion of the newspaper's editorial board on a specific issue or topic. It typically provides analysis, commentary, and recommendations based on the newspaper's stance on the subject. Editorial content is separate from news reporting and is meant to reflect the newspaper's overall viewpoint.

Is news possessive in news article?

No, the noun "news" is functioning as an attributive noun in the noun phrase "news article".In the phrase "news article", the noun "news" is describing the noun "article", not showing ownership or possession. An attributive noun (also called a noun adjunct) is a noun functioning as an adjective, describing another noun.

Which sentence most directly discusses a news reports medium apex?

The newspaper article highlighted the impact of social media on public opinion.

Should article the included in the news title?

No, articles like "the" are typically omitted in news titles to keep them concise and attention-grabbing.

The overview of the news article for banning to wear religious symbols?

Which news article and when was it written.

Which is an example of disinformation?

An example of disinformation could be a purposely misleading news article that spreads false information about a political candidate to sway public opinion.

Is Fox News classified as a news network or entertainment?

currently it is considered "news" but in my humble opinion it has a clear political bias and should more likely considered "comedy"