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In fact, this is a question that is best answered by your nephrologist (a doctor that specializes in kidneys). If you've had a kidney transplant, you're taking a variety of drugs, some of which may create adverse reactions when combined with alcohol. Your doctor will know best how to answer this question because your doctor will understand your medical history, along with your currect regime of drugs. However, if your doctor gives you the go ahead, while abstaining from alcohol will surely do no harm and is the preferrable course of action - moderation is the best. As a transplant recipient, you're especially vulnerable to infection. And large quantities of alcohol will make your more susceptible to infection, not to mention the other host of unpleasant symptoms that can accompany binge drinking. Assuming you're an average size adult, a drink a day is probably OK.

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Q: Should a person who has had a kidney transplant drink alcohol?
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What is cadaver kidney transplant?

It means you are receiving a kidney from a deceased person, not a living donor.

Can a kidney transplant person catch the flu?

yes, anyone can get the flu.

What blood type is compatible with a lupus patient undergoing a kidney transplant?

Depends on what blood type the person receiving the transplant is. They have to be the same.

Can a person survive with only one kidney?

Yes. There are a lot of people that are living today with only one kidney. If someone needs a kidney transplant because both of theirs have gone bad they can receive one from a donor so long as they match. So the person that has the transplant has one and the person who donated a kidney has one.Some people have to due to infections etc. You can survive with one kidney

How can a person with failed kidneys be saved?

whoever has a good kidney they can donate theirs Dialysis or kidney transplant. For a transplant, a willing donor with the same blood type has to be found. This could take years.

Can a person ever get off the kidney machine?

Usually, someone on dialysis has little or no kidney function. The only way to fix this is through a successful kidney transplant.

What happens when kidneys shut down?

You can die but if its not to late you can get a kidney transplant from a blood relative. It will save your lifeButbefore the arrangements can be made to do a kidney transplant the person would have to do dialysis because it takes a while to check to see if the kidney donor is compatible.

How is kidney transplant done?

Based on the source of donated kidney, kidney transplant can be classified as deceased donor or living donor transplant. Answer: To the question of HOW a kidney transplant is done. The donor kidney will be extracted including part of the urinary tract and vein/arteries. The blood is extracted from the kidney and it is flushed clean. Then transported on ice to where the recipient is. The donor kidney is transplanted into the person in their lower abdomen. They join the veins/artery etc to the recipients, having disconnected them from the existing bad kidney. They do not take out the recipients bad kidneys (unless it has tumour) but leaves them there, as no point in performing unnecessary surgery.

Would a kidney transplant help a person with failing kidneys due to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis?


Can you have a Kidney transplantation after kidney cancer?

You can but it would be pointless because it would have already spread around the body. Please ask your doctor or a kidney specialist for advice about this. Assuming the cancer is only in the kidney and has not spread further, a kidney transplant can be done. The anti-rejection drugs the person would need to take after transplant may have the effect of increasing the rate of growth of any cancers in the person's body so it is likely that the person would need to wait for some time to ensure the cancer has not spread before having a transplant and taking anti-rejection drugs.

If you already had a kidney transplant and end up with two kidneys if you have to get another kidney transplant does that mean you end up with three kidneys?

There wouldn't be much need for doctors to gave a person a third kidney as the body originally had only two, therefore the third kidney would probably be rejected by the immune system.

What will happen to the body if you get kidney failure?

Kidney failure results in death in a few days, usually less than a week, unless the person receives a kidney transplant or is put on a dialysis machine.

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