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because i do

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Q: Should an 11 year old have 6 inch penis and lots of hair?
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Im 13 years old my penis is just over 6 inches I have lots of pubic hair and quite abit of armpit hair is my penis the right size I wank nearly everyday and cum up how far should it shoot out?

>:3 jesus christ a lion get in the car!

My dad penis when erction is 11 inch long and 8 inch girth.I am 12 years old and when erection is 5.5 inch long and 4.5 inch girth. When i will grow you will have a penis like he have?

Okay heres what. 1: Yes it will Grow in the furture and be like your dads its called puberty your body will grow and get hair and sweat more and lots of over things 2: How do you know the size of your dads penis when erected and not? Answer to 2 : I saw it from very close distance so i canned to see who much inch it is. But why did you see it from a close distance? Answer: I saw it from very close distance,something like 10 inch distance. Q: What im asking is why your dads penis was next to you and why was it erected We was on the changing room at the pool,i really dont know why it was erect but it was. Ok.

What stage would a fourteen year old male with hair on face legs toes chest and lots of pubic hair has a penis which is 9 cm when erected be in?

He would be in mid puberty.

How do you gently streak your hair?

To gently streak your hair, just don't use lots and lots of hair dye. Also, you should always use shampoo and conditioner that comes inside of box.

How do you bill kaulitz hair?

Lots and lots of hair spray!!

Have you hit puberty yet.i have hair on my balls but it doesnt seem my penis has evlagend at all well i cant really tell i cant perm yet but i have lots of hair and my penis is around 3.5-4 inches?

yes i have and and if you cant sperm yet you havent hit puberty

Why does the kinkajou live in the understory of the rainforest?

lots and lots of penis monkeys

When you are 13 and have a 4 inch penis lots of pubic hair armpit hair and some facial hair is my penis normal size?

Well I am thirteen and mine averages 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 inches when erect. As for the pubic and armpit hair it is perfectly normal, you just develop a little faster, I did as well. I am 13 years-old and my penis is about 4 inches long. It is always best to ask a doctor if you have concerns about your development. If you are a minor, you will have to have your parents go with you. Hi, I'd just like to add that... at 13 a 4 inch long erection is probably towards the longer end of the average length range. Having pubic hair is normal and you might have armpit hair and some facial hair a bit earlier than some other boys of your age. Remember that everybody is different and not all boys go through puberty at the same speed or experience the same body changes in the same order.

What color does lots of blue and lots of red mixed make?

it makes purple! You should try dieing your hair that color like me.

You are 16 and your penis is 4.5 inches long when its hard you are worried that it wont get any bigger you have alot of pubic hair but it just wont get any bigger what do you do?

Work hard and make lots of money... then girls will find you attractive despite your tiny penis

How much hair do you have on your legs?

I have lots of hair on my legs

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