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Some CPAs work for themselves. Some work for others. It all depends on the personality and abilities of the particular accountant. It is an individual decision. As far as managing a different type of business is concerned, it depends on the type of business. Accountants usually have a personality concerned with details. One would not generally choose an accountant to manage a business concerned with high fashion or a business where the object is to sell the sizzle as well as the steak. On the other hand, where an established business is hemoraging money, an accountant might be just the person.

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Q: Should an accountant manage a business?
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Should your accountant suggest you have a business account?

If you have a viable business, then yes, you should have a bunsiness account. It will help you (or your accountant) to keep track of your accounting.

What Type of clothing to be worn as an accountant?

As an accountant formal business attire should be worn at all times. Your appearance displays the seriousness of this profession.

What is the difference between a financial accountant and a financial controller?

Accountant keeps track of business records, Controller decides where money should be spent.

What do you call a person who keeps accounts for a business?

accountant bookkeeper

What is a accounting manager?

There are three type of Accountants: 1 - Financial Accountants 2 - Cost Accountant 3 - Management Accountant Management Accountant is a person who helps the management in the decsion making process of daily working activities by providing relevent data and analysis and helps management in every aspect of business activities and provide the analysis of financial implications of different decisions made by management and help to choose most benefitial decision and ways to manage business.

What is the motto of International Academy of Business?

The motto of International Academy of Business is 'Manage yourself, manage your business, manage your time'.

What software could I use to help me manage my internet business?

There are software programs to manage just about any business need you might have. Your question is too general to direct you to specific software. For the most part, your host company should have a variety of packages to help you manage the business.

What is the Best homebased business?

chartered accountant

Can an accountant own their own business?

Yes they can.

What is the job of an accountant?

tallying the accounts,summerizing,calculating etc is the job of an accountant

Will the Small Business Administration loan To Me?

The Small Business Administration doesn't loan money to companies. They use partner banks that loan money. The Small Business Administration just guarantees the borrowed funds. You need to use an accountant to construct a strategic business plan. An accountant should have the ability to point you within the right direction and use you. If you don't come with an accountant, you need to locate one which has knowledge about the Small Business Administration.

What work of accountant?

A good accountant can share Essential Small Business Tips From Forecasting to Accountants Services.