Should burkas be banned?

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Depends. Burkas and headscarves are not the same thing, and as much as I want the burkas to be banned.. people have to respect others' religious rights. We don't ask someone and get their permission to wear something as simple as earrings do we? So why should Muslims, or women that wear these things have them taken away from them? Pretty unfair I reckon.
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Should fast food be banned?

NO! Human beings have the right to make their own decisions. Yes fast food is unhealthy and can be linked to many medical problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity, BUT that is no reason for it to be banned. It is wrong for a government to tell the people that they can't eat fast food ( Full Answer )

Why should fossil fuels be banned?

Because fossil fuels are what drives the engine of capitalism, and capitalism is evil, evil. Because fossil fuels is what gives people the freedom to move around as much as they want, and we can't have that. Because fossil fuels make it possible to grow food in huge abundance, enabling farmers to fe ( Full Answer )

Why mobile phones should be banned?

I don't want to ban them; they're helpful in emergencies. But, people why use them in public places and then yell like they and their listener are deaf? Plus, they talk for too long. These should be limited in these places:. At meetings (if it's not an emergency, take a message) . At theaters ( Full Answer )

Why should hunting be banned?

Hunting should be banned because a lot of animals are getting endangered and right now it is happening even though we need some for food. My opinion is it should be banned all over the world. Answer: Hunting shouldn't be banned. While the above answer said that animals were becoming endangered, ( Full Answer )

Should cigarette smoking be banned?

Yes. *Added - This is a subjective question and every individual has their own opinion, so it cannot be properly answered. It is well known that cigarettes lead to many health issues that will shorten your lifespan, although some heavy smokers have far out-lived the average person, including famou ( Full Answer )

Why should zoos be banned?

Alot of people think that zoos are good because they help repopulate etc/ but did u ever think... that the only reason why we need to repopulate some species, was because of poaching and hunting? If we never had poaching and hunting, most animals are capable out there in the wild... and why ( Full Answer )

School uniforms should not be banned?

I agree. 1. You don't have to keep purchasing new clothes 2. Reduces bullying. 3. Gives a sense of belonging 4. Easily identify the student (improved by danger93) 5. Reduces crime 6. Increases focus on work 7. Decreases attention on beauty passion 8. Decreases the talking about other peoples clothes ( Full Answer )

What is a burka?

it is a dress that cover the whole body except face, that is covered by a cloth called neeqab

Zoos should be banned?

It depends how you look at it. Zoos could be described as cruel in some ways, but they help us to learn about animals and how to prevent them from becoming extinct, which has to be a good thing. So really, it's a matter of opinion.

What are burkas?

burqas look like a long drees that covers your face and has a net near where your eyes are.

How do you put on a burka?

Why would you want to put on a burqa? It's not part of Islam.... unless you want to do it for cultural reasons?

Should videos games be banned?

No, people that use them as a shield to justify their actions are whats wrong, theres nothing wrong with videogames.

Should education be banned?

No, School is very importain! Matter of opinion. Some would say yes. But in my opinion, they are the people who have no life and dont want anything for themselves in life. Now the smarter people would disagree. We want an education do make something with our lives.

Speech on wars should be banned?

Hi, No. We cannot because terror lives within ourselves. A War on Terror is a war against our deepest, darkest fears. It is a war against ourselves. Remember that the next time they take away a civil liberty in the name of the War on Terror....Hello dear, my name is M ( Full Answer )

Should television for children be banned?

Advertisements aimed at children should be banned because they make the children to make wrong decisions, forces them to consume or buy things which are harmful by advertising wrong things.So it is essential that it should not only be banned but the creators of those advertisements should be punishe ( Full Answer )

What should smoking not be banned?

Tens, maybe hundreds, of thousands of lucrative jobs in Tobacco Control would be lost. The profits of Tobacco Control's paymasters, Big Pharma, would plunge.

Should body piercing be banned?

I think that body piercing should not be banned because it's YOUR choice and anyone should have the right to express their selves.

Why should racism be banned?

For the most part racism with regards to laws, policies and practices of society have laws specifically designed to combat racism. This is certainly true in the United States. Racism polarizes society and inhibits the contributions of minority groups as they do not have the same access to art, media ( Full Answer )

Should offensive music be banned?

Opinion NO! Answer In the US, even offensive music is protected by First Amendment to our Bill of Rights. Objectionable material can be limited to where it is not a nuisance to the public, by the Declaration of Independence that says "...unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty an ( Full Answer )

Why should violent movies be banned?

They should be banned, because they are showing our young children bad things, that they should not be learning, right now, at this point.

Why should chips be banned from school?

They should not be banned. There are those in society who think their social responsibilities extend to telling other people what to do and trying to command conformity to their way of thinking. Such people should be surrounded by chip gluttons eating with their mouths open.

Why racism should be banned?

Racism is one of the most destructive human elements that has existed for thousands of years. It has caused the deaths of millions of people and sadly, while racism should be banned, so far the world has been unable to do it.

What is the purpose of the burka?

In Islam Burqa/BURKA has lots of respect. To cover your privte part of the bodies. HARAM (bait-Ullah) is sign of respect so it is Coverd with a Peace of Cloth Quran (the Holly book) is unique and has respect so it always coverd with a cloth. Women is respected in Islam and it is more precious then g ( Full Answer )

Why V8 cars should be banned?

V8 cars should be banned because it uses a great amount of gas and cause a great deal of pollution.

Why Polythene bags should not be banned?

it may be more echo friendly to use material bags but you can also reuse polythene bags so whats the point it is easy to carry. it is cheap and best.

Should cameras be banned from school?

YEs i am a thief IMPROVED ANSWER: In my opinion, i think that cameras should be banned from school. Here the reason why. 1.) Student might take "bad" picture of other student when they did not notice and pose it online which could embarrassed that student. And when that student is embarrassed sh ( Full Answer )

Why base jumping should be banned?

I do not believe BASE jumping should be banned in the same way that swimming should not be banned. Yes there are accidents and deaths, however this is the case for most sports. Statistically speaking horse riding is more dangerous than BASE in proportion to numbers participating.

Should gangs be banned from schools?

Yes; gangs do not contribute to education (except about gangs of course). School is a place for people to gain the knowledge needed to build the rest of their lives on. Young people are not aware of how little time they have to learn what they will need to know both in and out of school. Unless a ga ( Full Answer )

Should anonymous posting be banned?

that question is more opinion. there isn't an answer. some people think it should, others think it shouldn't be banned.

Should Cannibal Corpse be banned?

Of course not. A Cannibal Corpse fan is much less likely to try emulating the things the lyrics describe than a Tupac fan is to try emulating what his lyrics describe.

Should mining be banned?

yes mining should be banned it is a dangerous occupation and many of the gases are explosive it has a lack of safety regulations.

Should cigarettes be banned in the Movies?

Smoking has always been banned in theatres as a fire hazard, or at least discouraged. I know what you are getting at. The day of tobacco as a somewhat cool practice are long gone. I cannot see why they will sneak tobacco use into a film where it plays no real role in the plot- for example, Amelia. M ( Full Answer )

Why you should ban mining?

Mining should perhaps be banned in highly populated urban areas, and highly valued, sensitive places like nature preserves. A general ban on mining would quickly lead to the end of life as we know it, as we depend on the products of mining and use many of them daily.

Should the burka be banned in England?

Purely a matter of opinion. Though if this is done it could lead to other things being banned such as 'hoodies', ski masks, or any other item that covers the face. Another erosion of personal freedom perhaps.

Should fierworks be banned?

no it is tradition ===== No. It is personal responsibility. The people who do wrong should be punished, not everyone. Taking fireworks away from everyone by baning them is punishing everyone because a very few are irresponsible.

Should school sports be banned?

it depends on the school but i dont think they should be banned because it gives you something to do whenever your bored:)

Should comics be banned?

no they shouldn't be banned as they bring enjoyment, are good collectibles, and have a different adventure every time you read one!

Why should books not be banned from libraries?

because otherwise there is no point of having a library! and its help full for h/w instead of buying one I don't believe it is up to the various libraries to impose censorship upon its borrowers by banning books due to the controversial nature of the books in question or any other reason. Any adult ( Full Answer )

Why should women pay the price of male lust by wearing the hijab and burka?

Woman are not paying any price of male lust or what so ever by wearing the hijab and burka. Allah gave men a portion of His strength and He gave women a portion of His beauty. Woman by hiding her body protects herself. The gown is her shield, her armour. Additional view In addition to the abov ( Full Answer )

Should video games be banned and why?

No way!~ :D Since I love them as alote of people do and also the fact they are actually ment to make your brain more awake and you more intelligent (This is a rumour.)

Should animal coating be banned?

if you mean should animals be killed for their coats (furs) of course not, we are the stewarts of this earth, this means to look after the animals and care and nurture the earth, not to wantonly kill because they have beautiful skins and we do not. There are many artificial furs (faux furs) on the m ( Full Answer )

Should wrestling should be banned or not?

No because it gives entertainment to the world. If it should be banned then why would it be in the Olympics? The TV shows are not real and the actual sport has so much health and safety involved in it these days there is almost no painful moves involved. If it was banned then a big percentage of alm ( Full Answer )

Who is Petra Burka?

Petra Burka was born on November 17, 1946, in Amsterdam,Noord-Holland, Netherlands. Her parents moved to Canada and she wasan Olympic figure skater.