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Should corporations be allowed to access the teenage market in public schools?

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Q: Should corporations be allowed to access the teenage market in public schools?
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Definitely praying should be allowed in schools.

Should schools be a allowed to hsve crll phones?

the answer is no

Should schools be allowed to teach scientific theories?


Should students be allowed mobile phones school?

no it should not be allowed in schools

Should vending machines be in schools?

vending machines should be allowed in school for kids that don't have snacks or drinks. I think they should be allowed

Bibles should be banned from public schools?

The Bible never should be banned from public schools! Everyone is allowed to read it and study it!

What are some good persuasive speech topics for grade 6?

If girls and boys should be in separate schools. Yes or no?Uniforms? Allowed or not allowed?Should allowance be allowed for children? Why or why not?Should locker searches be allowed in schools?If electronics should be allowed in school.

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Yes you are allowed and should but do not wave it around like a gun... but Bibles are a good thing to have in schools

Should social networking be allowed at school?

No, There are no need to allow social sites in schools.

Why reproduction should be studied at teenage in schools?

If they are studying human biology then the answer is stated below: Reproduction is a part of human biology and if the students didn't get taught that in biology then they won't get their qualification. For other reasons, it's just a part of the school curriculum.

Should armed forces be allowed to recruit in public schools?

Yes, armed forces should be allowed to recruit in public schools because the government funds these schools and has the right to recruit in them. There is no harm in recruiting in public schools because there is so much about the armed forces not known by kids, and this is a great education opportunity to learn about the life and job of the armed forces.

Should students be allowed to share their religion in publc schools?

Yes I Think Students Should Be Able To Share Their Religion In Public Schools , Because Some Students Have Different Religions .