Carbohydrates and Low-Carb Diets

Should diabetics eat any sugar?

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2010-04-20 14:26:10

The answer to this question depends on two things: what kind of

sugar, and what kind of diabetes.

If you mean processed sugar, than there's no need to ever eat

that, really. You can choose to in moderation (talk to your doctor

about the best time of day or circumstance for you), but your body

has no need for processed (white) sugar, and it's really not

helpful for anyone's body.

If you mean natural sugars, than yes, your body needs them.

However, your body can make them just fine from healthier forms of

carbohydrates like whole-grains and fiber-rich fruit (eaten again,

in moderation).

As for the second question (what kind of diabetes), it matters

greatly if you are a type-1 on insulin or a type-2 (who might be

diet-controlled, medicine-controlled, or perhaps on insulin to help

control). Type-1s really should limit their white-sugar intake to

right before exercise. Type-2s should work it into their meal


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