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Should diabetics eat any sugar?

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The answer to this question depends on two things: what kind of sugar, and what kind of Diabetes.

If you mean processed sugar, than there's no need to ever eat that, really. You can choose to in moderation (talk to your doctor about the best time of day or circumstance for you), but your body has no need for processed (white) sugar, and it's really not helpful for anyone's body.

If you mean natural sugars, than yes, your body needs them. However, your body can make them just fine from healthier forms of carbohydrates like whole-grains and fiber-rich fruit (eaten again, in moderation).

As for the second question (what kind of diabetes), it matters greatly if you are a type-1 on insulin or a type-2 (who might be diet-controlled, medicine-controlled, or perhaps on insulin to help control). Type-1s really should limit their white-sugar intake to right before exercise. Type-2s should work it into their meal plans.

2010-04-20 14:26:10
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How much sugar should diabetics eat?


Can diabetics eat eggs?

Diabetics can eat any kind of food, it is just a matter of managing blood sugar levels.

Should diabetics eat sugar in large amounts or in moderation?

Probably not

Is there a list of food diabetics can't eat online?

you should not eat fish, which has too much fat, and you should not eat veggies which are bad for blood sugar.

Why do diabetics need to eat a lump of sugar?

diabetics so not need to eat a lump of sugar who ever told you that must have been tricking you. i have type 1 diabetes and i know for a fact you do not need to eat a lump of sugar.

What types of food can diabetics eat?

Diabetics should eat plenty of whole grains and fresh fruit instead of processed flour and processed sugar. Provided you are not lactose intolerant dairy products like milk and cheese are fine to eat. Meat is also fine for diabetics to eat.

Corn starch and diabetics?

Diabetics have to be careful about what they eat, but corn starch is not nearly as risky as sugar.

Why are diabetics not allowed to eat food which contains sugar?

It will make a rise in your sugar

Is carrot bad for diabetes?

Carrot does have sugar. It is relatively high in carbohydrates. Some diabetics can eat a small to moderate amount of carrot. Other diabetics cannot eat any carrot at all.

Can diabetics eat honey?

It is not advised by doctors for diabetics to eat honey. This is because it still contains glucose, which can still increase the blood sugar level.No. Honey is pure sugar.

Is it illegal for diabetics to eat sugar?

No, in fact they have to eat a certain amount to help maintain blood sugar level.

Can a diabetic drink orange juice?

Yes, diabetics can eat everything any regular person can eat, they just have to keep track of how much sugar they eat.

Why is it dangerous for diabetics to eat a meal containing a lot of sugar?

Diabetics don't have enough natural insulin to break down sugar. High sugar levels can damage the body.

What happens if you are diabetic and you eat candy?

Diabetics have the certain amount of sugar that they should have per day/week/month so they should be fine-Depending on what kind of candy you eat.

Can people with diebetes eat candy?

No, only if the candy is sugar free. Sugar is a diabetics enemy.

Can diabetects eat sugar?

Both type 1 and type 2 diabetics can eat sugar -- in fact, if their blood sugar gets too low, they need it. However, they should monitor their sugar consumption by keeping track of their blood sugar and insulin intake.

What's a good food guide for diabetics?

Since your mother is diabetic, she should stay away from foods that are high in sugar count. She should not eat sugar or candies that may increase her sugar count. She should eat lots of fruits and vegetables. She should check with her nutritionist for more information.

What food is bad for diabetes?

Diabetics should avoid food high in sugars, as the sugar is digested quickly and eating a lot at once can overload their body's ability to maintain homeostasis of blood sugar levels. Diabetics should not even eat a piece of fruit without adding protein to it first, such as ricotta cheese - protein slows the digestion of it, so that the body can deal with the sugar. Along the same lines, diabetics should eat low GI foods. These are foods that are metabolised slowly.

What types of food do diabetics receive through services?

Diabetics cannot eat sugar so food they would receive would not have any sugar. They also need to watch their carb intake. Different services provide different foods.

Why do diabetics feel hungry all the time?

diabetics are always hungry because they never eat enough sugar because of their diet, and life with out sugar makes you hungry.

Should a diabetics eat mango?

Diabetics can eat a number of things you jst have to check with your doctor to have a balanced diet

Are there any safe fruits for diabetics?

Most fruits are safe for diabetics. You can still eat bananas, apples, strawberries, blueberries and melons. Stay away from plums, however, because they have alot of sugar.

Do diabetics have to eat more salt?

No, salt has nothing to do with blood sugar control.

What are some good recipes for diabetics to have?

A good recipe for diabetics should be sugar-free or low sugar and low carb. It has to include a lot of vegetables and some fruits. It has to be variable, so the person don't get bored to eat the same thing every day.

Can diabetics eat cheese puffs?

Diabetics can eat cheese puffs. They are not a very healthy snack so they should be eaten in moderation.