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Should exams be abolished or not?

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it can not be abolished because nowadays when we search for a job you have to have a certificate

Yes, they should be abolished because as a student I know the consequences faced by us.

because im cool. and school is important

Because its more of a private affair

Your question is unclear. tenth as in sophomores?

Every one has to pass through the ordeal of examinations and only those succeed in life who are ready to face all sorts of tests in their lives. Thus exams cannot be abolished.

When writing an essay about why exams should not be abolished, it is important to write an introduction paragraph that captures the reader's attention and end with a strong thesis statement. Use the second paragraph to briefly state why they should be abolished. Use the next three paragraphs to explain your support for your thesis statement before writing conclusion.

Whether or not public examinations should be abolished depends on personal opinion. Some people do not believe these exams properly reflect the student's knowledge.

No, exams sudn't b abolished. If der r no exams most ppl won't study or wud b 2 lazy 2 study and those who wud study won't b able 2 analyise themselves.

no it should not be abolished

Board examination should be abolished and rather they should be replace by pratical skill , learning skill and professional skill.

they help in learning of the student and improve their learning skills. exams facilitate and motivate students to learn in a healthy environment .

i really hate exams but i see no reason for it to be abolished. it's the ONLY way to test if the students really understand the lesson. it's kinda like a big help to us since we're benefiting from it. but, of course, if you're motivationally deficient, then tests don't really matter at all. XD

Yes, just as soon as your teachers learn how to use telepathy to read your mind and make certain that you have learned everything that you need to learn.

i will answer all the questions according my own point of view i think examination should be abolished because most of the students feel it is one of the

s ,the xamination should be abolished.

Gambling should not be abolished because it is a fundraiser for charity

capital punishment should be abolished in the U.S.

it should be abolished cause kids cant express themselve p.s. to ms.t

it should be abolished because if they carry on it could really damage kids legs,arms and bums

Yes they should be but that is my opinion

Home work should be abolished as they create a burden on the growing children and stops them to inherit the world and reach their limits

What do you mean why should slavery be abolished? People forced Africans and Caribbeans to for no or little money. It was a horrible era in Europe and the U.S.

Yes, the death penalty should be abolished. It is not a deterrent of capitol offenses. There is too great of a risk that an innocent person will be murdered.

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