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The should be capitalized if you are referring to a specific school or college.

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Q: Should high school and college be capitalized?
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Related questions

Should high school graduates be capitalized?

No. " high school graduates" is a noun but it is not a proper noun and as such should not be capitalized.

Should high school be capitalized?

Only capitalize high school if you're talking about a specific school as in Manning High School.

Which words should be capitalized in this sentencewe will all be attending bandon high school this spring?

It should be ---- We will all be attending high school this spring.

Is high school capitalized?

It should be capitalized only at the beginning of the sentence and when it forms part of the proper noun. Example: Manila Science High School

What words in this sentence should be capitalized he will attend Edison high school in the fall?

He will attend Edison High School in the Fall.

Does high school have to be capitalized?

No, the word high school does not have to be capitalized, unless it is part of the name of a particular school or is in a title.

Should the word high school be capitalized?

Not unless it's part of the name of a specific institution. For example, "He is going to high school," but "He is going to Central High School."

Should junior or high be capitalized before the word school?

No. It should be capitalized only at the beginning of the sentence and when it forms part of the proper noun. Examples: High school days are exciting. Maria graduated from Pedro Guevara Memorial High School.

What sholud be capitalized in John attended sunset elementary school and graduated from sunrise high school in may of 1980?

John attended Sunset Elementary School and graduated from Sunrise High School in May of 1980 should be the way the sentence is capitalized.

Should Junior High be capitalized?

No. Except when you're stating the name of a school and "Junior High" is in the name.

Should you capitalize high school?

I don't think it would be capitalized unless it was a proper noun, such as "Marshall High School." Otherwise I think it's just "high school."

Should junior high school be capitalized?

It is not necessary to capitalize junior high school unless it is part of the proper name.I attend ABCD Junior High School in Philadelphia.I attended two different junior high schools.

Do you capitalize names of high school clubs?

If you use the specific full name of the club then, yes, it should be capitalized.

Should you put schools on your resume that you did not graduate from?

If you have a college degree, you can list just the high school and college you graduated, on your resume. When you fill out an application for employment, you should list your high school and all college work.

Should President and Principal be capitalized?

These words should be capitalized if they are a title that is attached to a proper name, such as President Obama or Principal Smith. Otherwise, they are not capitalized. E.G. My brother is a high school principal. My mother was the president of the family business.

What should you do after you graduate high school?

Go to college.

Should I go to a college for prelaw for 4 years then go to law school or should I go to law school right after high school?

You can't go to law school right after high school; one of the minimum requirements for entrance to law school is an undergraduate college degree, preferably with a very high GPA.

IDid bad in high school but you want to become a lawyer. What steps should i take?

Get really good grades in college. High school will not matter as much as the college grades to get into law school.

Would high school prinicipal be captilized in a sentence?

The phrase 'high school principal' would only be capitalized if you are talking about a specific person. Most often, it is not capitalized.

Should Washington high school be capitalized?

Yes, because it is a propern ou n. It should be Washi ngto n High School.

Should the word high school diploma be capitalized?

No, except at the beginning of a sentence because it is n ot a proper n ou n.

What high school courses should one take to become a coroner?

High School is not too important, but you should take college prep type courses. Coroners normally have a medical degree, so you need good college grades to get into medical school.

What should your GPA be in high school to get in a good college?

3.5 maybe

Why should you study in high school?

You need to complete the requirements to graduate. High school is not like college where you study one thing.

What high school courses should you take to become a nurse?

High school courses don't matter, none of them will count in college.