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Should i know Pokemon Silver cheats code?

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not for emerald but for Pokemon silver for Gba

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How can you put gameshark codes in your Pokemon silver rom?

Click on the "Cheats" tab, then click where it says "Cheat List", then "Add Code" Then type in or paste your code and click Okay.

How do you get 999 master balls in Pokemon soul silver?

You have to use an Action Replay and find a cheat code. If you Google "Action Replay" and "AR soul silver cheats" you will find everything :)

What is the action replay code for 999 items in Pokemon HeartGold?

Sorry but there is no cheats from platinum all the way to heart gold n soul silver

Is there a code for Pokemon Diamond that will give me give you all the Pokemon?

no there is'NT there is no cheats in Pokemon there is glitchs

Where to enter a code in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't. You need Action Replay to get cheats or you can search Google and search for : How to get cheats for Pokemon platinum?

Is there any AR cheats to get Magmator?

With the Pokemon modifeir code you can.

Gameshark code in Pokemon emerald how to inter code?

It is entered by having the gameshark & the emerald inserted into the gameshark, then turn on the Gameboy Advance & the Gameshark should have the cheats for that game on the menu, if not they can be entered manually, for the cheats go to their website (they will have them).

Cheats for Pokemon emerald?

the cheats are 02025EE4:00630001 02025EE4:00630044 gameshark code E1DD60045647 this is on PC

How do you put cheats on for Pokemon LeafGreen on vba?

Go to Cheats -> Cheat list... -> Gameshark... and then type in the code.

What is the best site for Pokemon pearl cheats?

www.elitepokemontrainers.webs.com Absolute best for any Pokemon code

Cheats for Pokemon Battle Revolution?

There Are Cheats For It 1.Surfing Pikachu (Defeat The Game To Unlock) 2.Electrive (Code) 3.Magmator (Code)

Where do you enter the shiny code?

you go to cheats then you click gameshark code then you type in master code then shiny pokemon if no master code just type in the shiny pokemon code a description

What is the action replay code max stats for Pokemon soul silver?

I don't know it but go to www.serebii.net and search it there I'm sure it's there because almost all cheats are in there

What is the gameshark code for shiny Pokemon for Pokemon fire red?

For this, and any other GameShark code, you should make a request at GameHacking.org/vB . There are also a few cheats on the page below: http://www.supercheats.com/gameboyadvance/pokemonfireredcodes.htm

What is the cheat code to get all Pokemon in Pokemon silver?

you need an action replay code device with that code to by a action replay code go to www.codejunkies.com

What is an action replay code to get a five star Pokemon Diamond trainer card?

realy go to gogle and type all Pokemon diamond action replay cheats there should be all the cheats all your questions will be answared and click the first link.

Where can you catch houndoom in Pokemon SoulSilver?

easy get the wild pokemon modifier code then type in on the internet pokemon soulsilver cheats codejunkies then there will be a whole list of pokemon which you can use on your wild pokemon modifier code

How can you get Pokemon platinum codes on to the game?

you can't... there are unlockables and hints, but there aren't really cheats... if you have an action replay code thing, you can activate any cheats, and if you have an r4, all of the Pokemon games come with cheats, but with just the game there aren't cheats

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