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yes because you could generate elctricity by yourself, and no because you would be ruining the national environment.

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Q: Should mining be allowed in national parks?
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Is gold prospecting legal in Algonquin?

If you mean Algonquian Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada.... No it isn't. NO mining allowed in Provcincial or National Parks in Canada.

Why are Kenyans not allowed to farm in national parks?

Kenyans are not allowed to farm in national parks is because farming would endanger African wildlife.

Should dirt biking be allowed in national parks?

an opinion questioned.bikers would say yes.others would say no.

Is logging allowed in national parks?

In national parks and monuments, no. In SOME national preserves, but only by special permission. In national forests, yes; but it's regulated.

Where is mining in Alberta that is not in the rockies?

Fort McMurray. The Canadian government prohibits any sort of mining practices in the national parks of Alberta.

Why is motorbike scrambling allowed in national parks?

Off-road vehicles are typically allowed only in designated areas within National Parks, but most parks have no designated areas for motorbike scrambling or other off-road vehicles.

Is Yosemite National Park a preserve?

Technically, no -- it is a national park. A national preserve, such as Big Cypress National Preserve, permits certain activities (hunting, mining, and forestry) that are prohibited within national parks.

Does McCain think guns should be allowed in national parks?

No, he HATES GUNS, his policy states that ALL guns should be taken away from someone. Obama on the otherh and belives that the citizen should have a right to weapons.

Catogaries of protected areas in India are local people allowed to collect and use the biomass?

National Parks

Should the government allow drilling for oil in environmentally sensitive areas like national parks?

NO, nor should the government allow natural gas drilling in national parks, either.

Are national parks in urban areas?

Yes, some national parks and monuments are within urban areas.

Which Canadian ecozone has the most national parks?

The Montane Cordillera ecozone, with 7 national parks, has the most national parks.