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The regulations affecting the ability of HIV-positive to work in the medical professions vary greatly from country to country. As a general rule, there is no reason why an HIV-positive person should not be able to pursue a career in a medicine; although they should normally expect to be prevented from working in certain high-risk areas and carrying out high-risk or invasive procedures.

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How many people currently work in the medical field nationwide?

we have around 18,890 medical practitioners out in the field

Whats an easy career in the medical field?

firstly in medical field every job or work is for people helpings even people gave doctor as category of godbut an easy career in medical field is medical assistant

Can you work in the medical field with no immunity to HBV?

You can work in the medical field with no immunity to HBV.

How many people work in the medical field in India?

i think only 20%

What kind of job people who study science may work in?

they may work in the medical field because you will need to do some science in the medical lab.

What famous people work in the medical field?

Clara Barton, founder of the redcross in 1881

Why did you choose your particular field of work?

i like to work here i love people and helping their lives improve that is why i am in medical

What is a Medical Secretary?

A medical secretary specializes in work that concentrate on the medical field.

What can I do with EMT certifications?

If you have an emergency medical technician certification then you are qualified to work in the medical field. You will be able to assist in emergency medical situations and get people to the hospital for treatment.

Is there an effective treatment for the chronic shoulder pain?

If you have an emergency medical technician certification then you are qualified to work in the medical field. You will be able to assist in emergency medical situations and get people to the hospital for treatment.

Why do you need medical terminology?

If you work in a medical office or with people in the medical field, if you have knowlege of medical terms you can understand what your peers are talking about. If you are a nurse, medical assistant etc. you can "translate" what a doctor diagnosed a patient with to the patient in terms that they can understand.

Will the medical field lose job's during a depression?

Probably not. They might lose some jobs but the medical field will still have jobs and work.

Are any companies hiring people to do data entry online?

There are quite a few companies that hire this type of online work, especially in the medical field. Be aware that any company that asks you for money to start work is a scam and should be avoided.

Are there many medical jobs involving transcriptionist work?

Yes, there are quite a few medical jobs involving transcriptionist work. Medical transcription, billing, and coding are becoming more and more popular every year and there is an ever increasing demand for people in this field.

Who gets 50000 annualy?

lawyers, people in legal work or business somtimes a manger might as well or somone workin in the medical field.

Do you need to have a IT background to do SAP?

Yes, you should have an IT background to do work in SAP. Many people that work in this field will have a Bachelor's degree in MIS.Ê

Can felons work in the medical field?

Yes, depending on the job and the laws of your state.

Can you do electrical and electronics engineering and be eligible to work in medical electronics field?


What are the working conditions of a robotic engineer?

They may work in agricultural, military, medical and manufacturing companies. Work conditions vary in the field of work you prefer. The most recommended is military and medical.

Why you want to work in the hospital?

Why DO you? Only you can answer this question. Do you want to help hospitalized people? Do you want to work in a structured environment? Do you want to work in a medical field type job? These would be some of the reasons for working in a hospital.

Are there online medical jobs people can get?

There are some medical related jobs people can get where they work from home. Medical billing and coding for example can be done from home and the work submitted online.

What is the easiest medical career?

If you are looking for an easy medical career, then this field might not be the best career path for you. Medical training takes hard work and effort.

How much education do you have to have to become a microbiologist?

a medical degree and residency is required to work in this field

What is a Medical Receptionist?

Medical receptionists are professionals who are responsible for receiving patients in a hospital or doctor's office. Their specific job duties may include: greeting patients, answering phones and scheduling appointments. A medical receptionist may also be responsible for organizing patient records. This is the perfect job for people who are interested in the medical field, but do not care to spend several years in school.What type of training is needed to become a medical receptionist?People who are interested in becoming a medical receptionist will have to earn a certificate from an accredited program. Most medical receptionist programs can be completed in under a year. Keyboarding, office procedures and medical terminology are some of the required courses. A high school diploma or GED is the only prerequisite required to enter a medical receptionist training program.What are some of the other skills needed to become a successful medical receptionist?Medical receptionists are required to work directly with people. That is why it is a person who is interested in this field should be warm, friendly, passionate and compassionate. Strong communication skills are also very important to this field.What is the work environment like for a medical receptionist?Medical receptionists work in a very comfortable environment. Most people work a typical 40 hour week with nights and weekends off. However, those who work in hospitals or 24 hour clinics may be required to work longer hours, which may include nights and weekends.What is the job outlook like for a medical receptionist?Medical receptionists will always be needed so the job opportunities will be plentiful. In fact, this job field is expected to grow by 36 percent within the next ten years. However, it is important to note that employers look more favorable on employees who have had previous experience in the medical field.How can a medical receptionist advance?Many medical receptionists become office managers, medical assistants and nurses. Those professions required additional training.

Opportunities as a Medical Assistant?

Medical assisting is a healthcare occupation projected to demonstrate sustained growth due to physicians needing assistance with managing greater patient loads in addition to the cost-effectiveness. A student considering a degree in the field should understand the expectations and potential responsibilities of a medical assistant. This is a field where the medical assistant is often the initial contact for a patient and must be competent in clinical and administrative work of a medical office.