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MULTIPROGRAMING .................. The term multiprograming denotes an operating system that,in addtion to supporting multitasking. In multiprograming more than one jobs are active in memory.Within a very small period more than one jobs are executed simultaneously. MULTITASKING ............... In general multiprogramming implies multitasking,but multitasking does not imply multiprogramming. A multitasking operating system is distinguished by its ability to support concurrent execution of two or more active processes. as discussed actually both multitasking and multiprogramming are same no other answer mentioned are justifiable.....


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multiprogramming-there is no way for single user to keep either cpu or the io divices busy at all times...

multiprogrammed batch system can run more than one program at the same time.-L

The Linux operating system can operate with cloud if you have amazon services. It is not necessarily based on the type of computing system you use at this moment.

Not necessarily, though operating systems have higher and higher system requirements as time goes on, and the system must be able to meet those requirements to run the operating system productively.

Linux is not faster or slower than any other operating system, necessarily. Apparent "speed" of operating system functions is controlled by many variables.

An OS is not a program, it is a system of programs, its parts can be object oriented program, but not necessarily.

The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.

Because without an operating system, your computer will not be capable of doing anything useful.

A good course to take if you want to develop an operating system is a course in "Operating Systems".

The second operating system should be on a different partition or disk. If you format the partition/disk that the unwanted operating system is on, the machine will have no choice but to boot to the remaining operating system.

There is no uninstaller for an operating system. To remove an OS, simply format the partition that holds the operating system. If you use a boot manager to choose between different operating systems the software should automatically detect missing operating systems for you.

how should a dialup connection be establish in window operating system

what is the significance of the operating system? what is the significance of the operating system?

It is not part of an operating system, it is an operating system.

functions of an operating system

Adding printers is a function of the operating system. The operating system should also provide facilities that allow you to enumerate all printers registered with the operating system.

System files are files necessary to boot an operating system. They do not necessarily exist on any given NTFS volume, and the choice of file system does not affect which system files are present.

There are basically four types of operating systems. They include Batch Operating System, Multiprogramming Operating System, Network Operating System and Distributed Operating System.

1. BATCH PROCESSING operating system 2. MULTIPROGRAMMING operating system 3. TIME SHARING operating system 4. REAL TIME operating system 5. DISTRIBUTED operating system

The two concepts build upon each other. A single tasking (ST) operating system is necessarily a single user (SU) operating system, but a single user operating system may be a multi-tasking (MT) operating system. For example, MS-DOS is a SU, ST operating system (there was only one "user" and only one program could run at a time), Microsoft Windows 3.1 was a SU, MT operating system (only one user could be logged in at a time, but multiple tasks could run at once), and Windows XP is a multiple user (MU), MT system, as multiple users could be logged in at once, and multiple tasks could be run at once. There is no known example of a MU, ST operating system.

Yes, you should always try to optimize your operating system. This includes defragging and removing viruses and malware from the system.

An operating system manages the working operation of a computer

Microsoft - Disk Operating System is definitely an operating system.

Yes, a multiuser operating system is also described as a network operating system.

Hell no. the bios sits under the operating system (vista is an operating system) the bios is independent of operating systems, and is there the operating system.

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