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MULTIPROGRAMING .................. The term multiprograming denotes an operating system that,in addtion to supporting multitasking. In multiprograming more than one jobs are active in memory.Within a very small period more than one jobs are executed simultaneously. MULTITASKING ............... In general multiprogramming implies multitasking,but multitasking does not imply multiprogramming. A multitasking operating system is distinguished by its ability to support concurrent execution of two or more active processes. as discussed actually both multitasking and multiprogramming are same no other answer mentioned are justifiable.....

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Q: Should real time operating system be necessarily multiprogrammed?
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Difference between batch operating system and multiprogrammed operating system?

multiprogramming-there is no way for single user to keep either cpu or the io divices busy at all times...

What are multiprogrammed batch system?

multiprogrammed batch system can run more than one program at the same time.-L

Does the Linux operating system offer cloud computing?

The Linux operating system can operate with cloud if you have amazon services. It is not necessarily based on the type of computing system you use at this moment.

Is it necessary to upgrade your hardware just to install a new operating system?

Not necessarily, though operating systems have higher and higher system requirements as time goes on, and the system must be able to meet those requirements to run the operating system productively.

What makes Linux fast?

Linux is not faster or slower than any other operating system, necessarily. Apparent "speed" of operating system functions is controlled by many variables.

Is an operating system an object oriented program?

An OS is not a program, it is a system of programs, its parts can be object oriented program, but not necessarily.

Why should you use operating system?

Because without an operating system, your computer will not be capable of doing anything useful.

Why operating systems evolved from multiprogrammed batch systems to time sharing systems?

Simple batch system used to for long times and they occupy the CPU even when they are actually not utilizing the CPU for example while doing the I/O operations. So the programmers thought it to be great idea if some other process can use the CPU when the previous process is idle. In multiprogrammed batch systems one user can run multiple programs and which gets the CPU whenever the CPU is idle. So it speeds up the process completion.

Which university course should you take if you want to develop an operating system?

A good course to take if you want to develop an operating system is a course in "Operating Systems".

In a dual oprating system how can you delate one oprting system?

The second operating system should be on a different partition or disk. If you format the partition/disk that the unwanted operating system is on, the machine will have no choice but to boot to the remaining operating system.

How do you uninstall an operating system?

There is no uninstaller for an operating system. To remove an OS, simply format the partition that holds the operating system. If you use a boot manager to choose between different operating systems the software should automatically detect missing operating systems for you.

What are the system files found in NTFS?

System files are files necessary to boot an operating system. They do not necessarily exist on any given NTFS volume, and the choice of file system does not affect which system files are present.

Is single user Operating system is a single tasking operating system?

The two concepts build upon each other. A single tasking (ST) operating system is necessarily a single user (SU) operating system, but a single user operating system may be a multi-tasking (MT) operating system. For example, MS-DOS is a SU, ST operating system (there was only one "user" and only one program could run at a time), Microsoft Windows 3.1 was a SU, MT operating system (only one user could be logged in at a time, but multiple tasks could run at once), and Windows XP is a multiple user (MU), MT system, as multiple users could be logged in at once, and multiple tasks could be run at once. There is no known example of a MU, ST operating system.

How should a dialup connection be established in windows operating systems?

how should a dialup connection be establish in window operating system

How do you add printer in turbo C plus plus?

Adding printers is a function of the operating system. The operating system should also provide facilities that allow you to enumerate all printers registered with the operating system.

What is the relationship between a guest operating system and a host operating system in a system like VMware what factors need to be considered in choosing the host operating system?

A host operating system is the operating system that is in direct communication with the hardware. It has direct hardware access to kernel mode and all of the devices on the physical machine. The guest operating system runs on top of a virtualization layer and all of the physical devices are virtualized. A host operating system should be as modular and thin as possible to allow the virtualization of the hardware to be as close to the physical hardware as possible, and so that dependencies that exist in the host operating don't restrict operation in the guest operating system.

Why should you buy windows operating system?


When using a system-dependent (passive) recovery process on operating compressors technicians should?

When using a system-dependent (passive) recovery process on operating compressors technicians should

When using a system -dependent (passive) recovery process on operating compressors technicians should?

When using a system-dependent (passive) recovery process on operating compressors technicians should

Is it always a good idea to improve the performance of an operating system?

Yes, you should always try to optimize your operating system. This includes defragging and removing viruses and malware from the system.

How do you refer to a collection of software that allow a computer to function?

The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.

What is a program that controls a computer basic functions?

The operating system

What should be considered before selecting a suitable Network Operating System?

In general it doesn't matter what Network Operating System you choose, since they are integrated in the overall Operating System, and most use TCP/IP as the transport/routing model.

How operating system supports computer graphics?

An operating system must support graphics irrespective of the language or package used to develop the particular, the system should enable the software.

Which Windows tool should be run before upgrading the operating system?

Before upgrading the operating system, check the minimum requirements of the new operating system to ensure that the computer meets the minimum specifications required. Check the HCL to ensure that the hardware is compatible with the new operating system. Back up all data before upgrading the operating system in case there is a problem with the installation.