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Should snow be removed from the pool cover?


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2011-09-13 13:59:35
2011-09-13 13:59:35

I'm a new pool owner. My wife & I bought our house in October so the in ground pool was already closed. I bought a small pump (about $60) from home depot which hooks up to your garden hose, and every other week I would drain any rain or snow (obviously if it melted) from the pool cover. From my understanding the more rain/snow you leave on the cover, the weaker the cover becomes. Remember one gallon of water weighs about 8 lbs., then add in the density & mass snow can have. With that extra weight on top of it the cover can stretch down to the surface of the water in the pool. When the water in the cover meets the water in the pool (with the cover in the middle) it can freeze and cause problems. I know basic maintainence like pumping off extra water will definitely make things easier when opening up the pool. Hope that helps.

ANSWER IN ADDITION: The extreme weight of the water/snow can damage the track system and can pop the anchors from the coping or wall of the pool. The liner could also become brittle with age and split. K


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If you can get to it, remove the wire used to hold the cover on. Remove as much snow as you can, try to minimize the weight on your pool.

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My pool just collapsed from that yesterday and I put in a claim this morning. Fingers crossed! I hope it does

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I have them too! I suppose you have to get the water out of the cover as soon as the snow thaws and keep it dry until you open it. Easier said than done.

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Yes, you should take down a 10x30 Easy Set Pool for the winter. Snow and ice can damage the pool and cause the walls to collapse.

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