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I'm a new pool owner. My wife & I bought our house in October so the in ground pool was already closed. I bought a small pump (about $60) from Home Depot which hooks up to your garden hose, and every other week I would drain any rain or snow (obviously if it melted) from the pool cover. From my understanding the more rain/snow you leave on the cover, the weaker the cover becomes. Remember one gallon of water weighs about 8 lbs., then add in the density & mass snow can have. With that extra weight on top of it the cover can stretch down to the surface of the water in the pool. When the water in the cover meets the water in the pool (with the cover in the middle) it can freeze and cause problems. I know basic maintainence like pumping off extra water will definitely make things easier when opening up the pool. Hope that helps.

ANSWER IN ADDITION: The extreme weight of the water/snow can damage the track system and can pop the anchors from the coping or wall of the pool. The liner could also become brittle with age and split. K

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Q: Should snow be removed from the pool cover?
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What should you do when there is a lot of snow on your pool cover?

NewnFresh Update

What to do when pool cover has heavy snow and ice?

shake it

What do you need to do to prevent damage to pool walls and liner as my above ground pool cover has collapsed into pool from weight of snow and ice?

If you can get to it, remove the wire used to hold the cover on. Remove as much snow as you can, try to minimize the weight on your pool.

Has anyone had a pool collapse from the weight of snow-how do you get your insurance to cover it?

My pool just collapsed from that yesterday and I put in a claim this morning. Fingers crossed! I hope it does

How do you keep tadpoles of a swimming pool cover?

I have them too! I suppose you have to get the water out of the cover as soon as the snow thaws and keep it dry until you open it. Easier said than done.

Should you take down a 10x30 easy set pool for the winter?

Yes, you should take down a 10x30 Easy Set Pool for the winter. Snow and ice can damage the pool and cause the walls to collapse.

What should the slope be for a patio cover in Colorado?

Because of snow 8/12 .

How do you keep an in-ground pool cover and leaf cover clean and free of accumulated rain leaves and snow during the 9 winter months without actually removing it to clean it?

Roll the cover off, shake the leaves off and replace it.

How to Sort Through Pool Cover Information?

If you own a pool than you probably are in need of a pool cover. Finding the right pool cover to fit your pool is not a hard process at all. Typically the company that built your pool will provide you with an adequate pool cover. However, if you live in a region that experiences harsh conditions such as lots of rain, snow, sleet you may want to invest in a stronger pool cover. The generic pool covers, sold by most companies do not protect you your pool for a number of reasons. The first reason is that the covers only list for five years. After five years, the amount of protection to cover offers decreases significantly. What this means for you, the homeowner, is that your pool specifically, the walls of the pool, can become cracked and weakened by the harsh elements you experience throughout the year. Generic Pool covers will only hold a few hundred pounds, so it is recommended to purchase a stronger aftermarket pool cover. Finding the right pool cover is not an easy task at all, because it’s hard to get an idea of what type of materials will stand the test of time. A strong pool cover is usually made out of tightly woven, water resistant, heat resistant and cracking resistant fibers. These fibers are woven tightly together, and can hold over nearly 5 times the amount of weight the generic pool cover can hold. Pool covers can be extremely expensive. A strong aftermarket pool cover can cost over $5000. However, this investment is worthwhile because if your pool gets cracked or injured by the weather the pool will cost much more to fix, especially if the pool is multiple cracks or dents. Before you go and buy generic pool cover or so for what the pool manufacturer has given you do some research on the internet and see if you can find a stronger pool cover to protect your investment. Spending a few thousand dollars now can save you lots of money in the future. Do the research and decide for yourself.

What is the past tense of snow and cover?

The past tense of snow is snowed. The past tense of cover is covered.

Cold dry climate with snow and ice cover?

Cold,dry climate with snow and ice cover

When I put my winter cover on my pool I want to keep the cover from touching the water is this advisable?

If you do it that way you have to keep in mind that it drains properly when rain, frost or snow lands on it otherwise it may become so overloaded that it will be damaged.

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