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I think not, at the end of the day it is for their own benefit, so they can get more out of their school day.
We are not just paying money for their education for nothing!

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Q: Should students get out an hour early out of school?
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Should students have an extra hour at school?

Many students oppose having more school time due to a limited attention span. Thus proponents should consider how much learning will actually occur from this additional time.

Should kids go to sleep early on a school night?

They should have a routine with a reasonable hour based on their age(s).

Should school add a extra hour?

There are people for and against adding an extra hour to the school day. It would give teachers about 10 extra minutes per class but some people think it would make the day too long for students as well as teachers.

How early should you get to a Fall Out Boy concert?

At least an hour early cause they get crazy!!

How long do spanish students have for lunch?

It may depend from school to school. The time probably varies from around 45 minutes to an hour and a half.

How long do they go to school in France?

Students in France go to school for a total of six hours each day. They are also given a two hour lunch.

How long should school lunches be?

1 hour AT LEAST

How early should you show up for a professional football game?

About one hour.

How far does a school bus go in an hour?

That would depend on where the school is and how far away from school the students live. Travel of 4 to 6 hours each way is quite possible in some cases

How much do high school history teachers with a masters degree make an hour?

In Michigan about $70 per hour based on a 180 school calendar and 5 hours per day in front of students. That is with a master's degree and 10 years experience.

Why shouldn't school days start later?

school days shouldn't start later due to the fact we need a balanced amount of time in school. If school started later then we may have to get dismissed from school later. Having school at a later time also prepares students for the real world. Getting up for work is much easier when your used to getting up for school. If we push back school eventually the future generations will argue that the new time is too early until we have school late at night. The real issue is not getting enough sleep at night. If students could balance out sleep then they wouldn't feel the need to leave for school later. Not all students sleep in school, only the ones who didn't go to sleep at a reasonable hour.

Is Victoria Day a no school day?

Only according to where I live, it seems to me that you do not get out of school, have a 2-hour delay, an Early-Release, or anything of that sort on Victoria Day. :(