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Yes Because

  • Students work hard every day
  • it will give then a very good reson to do their work && to come to school
  • && h3ll Yea

no because

-the money we are pouring into schools we already have could be put to building schools for the other 6.53 billion people that dont have an education

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Should students be paid to0 go to high school and middle school?

High School

Why students should go to school?

students should go to school to get knowledge & improve. understood our self 7do something

Should children be paid to go to school?

Children should not be paid to go to school. Going to school is a privilege in this country. There are many areas in this world where children do not get to go to school and learn.

Why Should students get paid for go to school?

Simple: Most students like money... getting/spending money. Especially getting money. Paying students to attend school will encourage them to attend more, making it easier for the school to get things such as grants that depend on the amount of students attending their school daily.

Why should students get paid to go to school?

because it will help us out with learning about other stuff and to hlp prepeare us for the world.

Who paid teacher wages in 1647?

Back in them days students had to pay to go to school. So the teachers paid themselves from the money given by students or parents.

Should you go to school with vomiting?

I recommend you should not because students are not allowed to go to school with infections, or symptoms that could affect the other students too.

Why should students should go to school every day?

Students should go to school every day because they need to learn as much as they can so they are very smart in life.

Should students go to school from 8a.m to 6p.m?


Should students be paid to attend school?

Students should be paid because their parents pay to get into school, so why not get a little back. It is considered a child's profession to go to school. Almost all other professions are paid, so why shouldn't students. Plus, students work just as hard as teachers and teachers get paid. Sure you only have one teacher per class and they complain that they work more than you do. Yeah? Well students work just as hard during class while learning this stuff and outside of class too while doing homework. Also students have more than one class! Students have to keep up with all school work and grades and handle all the stress of that, plus tests and quizes. Do teachers have to take tests and quizes? No! They have to write them. Sure it's time consuming, but they know this stuff by heart. Students have to think and work hard to answer it. Students spend all day at school and adults spend all day at work. If children didn't have to go to school, they could probably make more money. Teachers get paid to teach us, we should get paid to be there as well. All in all, students work just as hard as the teachers and teachers get paid. I don't understand why students shouldn't.

Should children get paid to go to school?

The drive to go to school should not be money. The drive should be to succeed and excel yourself. Education is a privilege.

Should students go to school on Saturdays?

no... kids need relaxation

Do some kids get paid to go to school?

No, there are no kids that get paid to go to school.

Who paid for Victorian children to go to school?

Their parents paid for them to go to school.

Should students get paid for going to school?

That's an interesting question. I think no. Usually people get paid when they are providing a service. I think students go to school to receive a service, rather than to provide one, and therefore, they are the ones that should pay. Now, in an ideal learning environment, everyone learns together, and the students help each other learn... and in cases of peer tutors or students who really pitch in and help the school by doing some real service... maybe so. But there are an awful lot of surly students who don't add much to the learning environment. ZanBabe _______________________________________________________________________ Now I agree with Zan,s last paragraph but, think that students have a right to be paid for there hard work in school because, students would have some money to help them in there young life rather then there parents struggling to keep a good finance and to help pay for there kids education. I believe that education and hard work is important in a youngsters life and that's why students should get paid a little bit every month or in weeks because, students work very very VERY Hard in school and should have something to look forward to in life by showing that you can earn some thing by succeeding in life. Devan1997 I think students should get paid to go to school becuz they work very Very hard and therefor get paid for working hard like everyone else.. P.S.S this question is on debate ! =) Gangsta_babies

Should you go to school with a temperature of 98.4?

Well you can but you have to be careful with other students

Should students be paid of good grades?

No. Students should not be paid for good grades. The grade is the reinforcement of good work and by paying a student you are teaching them that they will get something for what they should all ready be doing. School is their job and the grades are what they earn. When they go to work for someone that person will not reward them for doing their job except with a pay check. It teaches the child the wrong thinking for life.

What do you go to school to get?

Students go to school to get an education.

Should students be required to attend school until they are at least 16?

Students should go to school until they graduate, but it is the kids choice if they want to stop at 16. Which would be Sophomore year.

Should students go to school in the summer?

you can get a rest in summer holidays or if you want to go to school you could get a teacher coming to teach you at home!!

Should students go to Saturday school?

No because because what would be the fun of weekends.

Where do students skip school?

Students skip school and go and see a movie.

Should kids get paid for going to school?

In my opinion, no-at least not until they reach the legal age to drop out, because at that point it's typically your decision to go to school and work. If so, you should be paid by your work ethic and how well you're doing, just like in the real world. But with our messed up economy, I don't believe ant federal or state governments would consider paying students to go to school.

Why should'NT sixth grade students go to middle school?

Dued! What are you talking about? of course they should!

Should students get paid for attending school?

absolutely not. I think education is one of the most valuable things in this lifetime. and with the way the world is today its surprising that you don't have to pay for your children to go to public school. anyway the answer to the question is no. And anyone who does think that you should re evaluate the value of education