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Yes, if they are going some place as a class. Between classes, no.

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Q: Should students have to walk in lines when traveling as a class pros?
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Should students have to walk in lines when traveling as a class pros and cons?

Walking a class in line looks neater and helps to control the group as a whole. We all stand in lines at the checkout counters of stores, too.

Should students have to walk in lines when traveling as a class -?

Yes they should in case something happens, they all stick together as a group. Having students walk in a straight line also makes teachers jobs easier because the teacher can look in one direction and do a head count. Students should have to walk in lines because it can get them to their destination quicker. Although, students will get impatient at times and start to scratch their heads, or tie their shoe laces, having students in line can keep them safe. Teachers wouldn't have to worry so much about the students because they are all in the lines. And since most students act immature this can help them stay quietly and in order.

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