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I think students should have to wear uniforms, so parents and kids wouldn't have to worry about what they are wearing!!!! Dah!!!

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Q: Should students have to wear uniforms?
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Should students be allowed to wear uniforms?

NO because student cant wear what they want

Tell me a paragraph about why students should wear school uniforms?

Students should wear school uniforms as it promotes a sense of unity and equality among students, reducing distractions in the classroom that can come from clothing choices. Uniforms also help to instill a sense of discipline and respect for the institution students attend. Finally, school uniforms can alleviate the pressure and stress that can come from the need to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Should teacher wear uniform?

Yes because we have to and they are going to school

Why do students wear uniforms?

students wear unifoms because of

Should students wear uniforms to school'?

No, they aren't as bad as people think they are, Because school uniforms prevents getting bullied about what students wear or what they can afford. Also they help students that can't afford clothing

What motivates students who wear uniforms?

they are not motivated to wear them, they have a rule to wear them. Uniforms makes it easier to identify students and adds a sense of responsability and disipline to the students.

Should students wear uniformes?

Whether or not students should wear uniforms is merely opinionated. On one hand making students wear uniforms could be a good idea and on the other may not be. By wearing what the student chooses (following dress code) students are able to express his or her own originality. Students who wear uniforms can not do this. I enjoy being able to wear a pair of jeans and a T-shirt instead of a uniform. Other may enjoy knowing exactly what he or she will wear on a daily basis. Wearing uniforms could save parents money on buying their children "the latest fashions" but the price of uniforms may be too costly for most families in this economy. The tables can go both ways on whether or not students should wear uniforms. Being a high school student, I would say students should not have to wear uniforms to school.

Do Dutch schools wear uniforms?

No, Dutch schools typically do not require students to wear uniforms. Students are generally allowed to wear their own clothing to school.

Should college students need to wear uniforms?

No, because they are all older than 18 and should be able to choose what they wear in college.

Why should students have to wear uniforms?

to depict equality and uniformity among rich and poor people.

Do Italian students wear uniforms?

In most Italian schools, students are not required to wear uniforms. Some private schools may require the child to wear a uniform.

Why should students wear school uniforms evidence?

Students should wear school uniforms because it promotes a sense of equality among students by removing visible markers of social class. Uniforms also help to create a sense of belonging and school pride, as well as reducing distractions related to fashion or attire choices. Additionally, uniforms can improve safety and security by easily identifying students on campus.