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Should there be uniform in school?


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To show the identity of the school , we shall wear our uniform


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unless your school has a uniform then wear it but not then dont

You should wear your school uniform properly to avoid looking sloppy.

If that is the rule at a given school, then yes they should.

i think they should do that by wearing the same color of the uniform.

Can someone tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The one recommended by the school.

school uniform should be banned because it is uncomfortable and is hard work for the teachers to keep checking the pupils for incorect uniform

there is school uniform because if you go on excursions then people can recognise what school your from.

It depends: If your child's school requires them to wear uniform, then they must wear uniform and represent the school. However if uniform is not required, pick out any clothing that you think is appropriate.

If you are going to a school that requires a uniform, your school should have given you information on where and when to order it, however, if for some reason you have not received information from your school about uniform shopping you should give them a call and find out what you need to know.

I personally think that yes school uniform should be worn because that is the only way a person could say from the opposite side-"oh so you go to this school do you?" and it represents your school as well.

children can express themselves

It depends on where you are. If you already go to a school that requires a school uniform, they should have given you the information necessary to purchase your uniform from the correct supplier, but if it is your first time going to a uniformed school the situation should still be the same, they should have told you where and hen to get it.

You should wear school uniform because wearing school uniform is the rule of the school and there are meant to be followed by every student. School uniform stops you from bullying, does not show which status you are, You look smart in it together, People stop thinking about the clothes and start focusing on their future, School uniform is much better because it saves money like instead of wearing a design clothes you wear a uniform, Some time people wear it to stand out from a particular school,Even when you go on a trip it does not make you get lost because you are wearing the same colour, etc.

school uniform should just be banned and let people just wear what they want.

No Children do not wear uniform to school in France but some school maybe wear school uniform and some won't ask them to wear school uniform it depends on which school

a school also has it reputation some disipline, manners, bla! bla! and that all so for keeping the reputation of our school we have to wear uniform

children are happier in there own clothing

Yes because we have to and they are going to school

To show others they are part of a school.

Equality. Takes away judgement and insecurities.

Every school that requires a uniform has a different uniform.

Well it is a bit hard to impress a guy with looks when your school uniform is on. But you should do your hair differnt, make it pretty. he will notice

because school uniforms are dorky looking and kids should be able to wear what they want to!!!!!!

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