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Hey Glenn==A lot of codes are set because of a bad ground. I would see if they came back on. GoodluckJoe Trouble Codes work off of a three step trip.The service engine lights that came on tested itself, once you tried to start your vehicle.Everything should be fine since you have gotten no additional readings since the codes were reset. i had a 96 villager ls ..same thing happen check engine light come on said tranny wasent shiften properly........but yet i never had problem ?....Villagers are known for electrical bugs....Had it tested twice reset...check light would stay off for a while then pop back on ???.. But van never had any shifting problem ???>>>!!! Had the same problem on my 1997 Villager. Turns out it was a bad throttle position sensor. Cheap easy fix.

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Q: Should you be concerned if a 1997 Mercury Villager 3.0 L check engine light came on and the codes read 120-tps 731a-gear1 and 733-gear3 but the car runs fine and there are no readings after resetting the light?
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