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Should you be tested if the blood glucose is 111?


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February 05, 2009 5:25PM

No. A blood glucose level of 111 is not even close to a diabetes diagnois. Most people in the "normal range" will test anywhere from 80-120 mg/dl. Non-diabetics can generally eat a full meal, spike at about 140 within 2 hours of eating and then drop back down to their normal range. If you tested yourself randomly and got a result of 111 for blood sugar, this is nothing to be concerned about. You do not really need to start worrying unless you have fasted (not eaten) for 12 hours or more (this means no food or fluid intake except water) and your blood glucose level is above 126. If after fasting for 12 hours and you test between 100-125, you may have pre-diabetes. If after fasting for 12 hours and you test 126 or above, you may have diabetes. Just a side note, if you think you have Type 1 Diabetes, you will probably recognize it pretty quickly. The symptoms usually occur over just a few short weeks and your blood sugar (if you have the ability to test it) will be extremely high, especially after meals - most often 200 or above. In my case, I got my hands on an extra glucometer and was regularly testing at 400 and above even 2 hours after I ate. My doc knew before even taking a blood test that I surely had diabetes. Typical symptoms inlcude excessive thirst, excessive urination, excessive weight loss, excessive hunger, blurred vision, increased infections, etc.