Should you clip your birds wings?

This is a question that only YOU can answer

You really have to think it through about whether or not you clip your companions wings and make them lose their freedom or whether you don't clip their wings and take the risk of injury!

I had two birds one is a budgie. She flew into the window once but only softly and has never done so again. My other bird was a yellow-crowned kakariki. He was only young because we hand raised him. He was the kindest most friendliest bird I had ever seen. But one day we took him to our holiday house. He was fine with the windows there. He loved flying so much but he wasn't very good at landing. He flew about three circles around our living room until he came back around towards me. He just kept flying really fast, too fast. And went straight into the window. He fell on his back on the floor. I called my mum over and picked him up. My mum scooped him out of my hands and said that he had broken his neck and that he was dead. I cried for so long. Every now and then I wonder if it was the right decision not to clip his wings.

Please give thought to this kind of thing.