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Not if you want to gain weight without really satisfyng your stomach; sometimes when you think that you feel hungry, the case is that you actually might be thirsty. Try drinking some water first, to see if that 'empty' feeling will go away.

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Can you eat the skin of a pineapple?

If youre too hungry you can eat that..hehe

Can you eat donkeys?

if youre really that, hungry... and if you can catch it...

What best describes appetite?

It depends on how hungry you are and what youre in the mood to eat(ex.if youre hungry for pizza) so what best describes it would probly be hunger and mood i guess, hop i helped

What do you do if you are hungry?

if you are hungry then maybe you should eat but if u can it should b healthy

Im hungry what should you eat?

get stoned and eat everthing

What time should you eat at?

When you're hungry.

What should I eat if I am hungry?

You should eat a punpun...they are seriously tasty, if you are not in the mood, eat a creamcheese bagel

How much more should you eat when pregnant?

There is no set amount that a woman should eat when she is pregnant. She should eat healthy and eat when she is hungry.

If you got your finger cut off and set it down by your rats cadgewill it eat it?

Depens on how hungry youre rat is! J.K probaly not...

Should you eat a meatball?

If you're hungry, then yes... yes you should.

Your mom wants you to eat and you dont want to should you eat or not?

Yes you should. Unless you don't get hungry, if you eat very little and still don't get hungry then you need vitamins. Talk to your doctor

Why do we shake when your hungry or sick?

Maybe you should eat.

Should I eat now or wait?

You should only eat when you are hungry. Don't commit the sin of gluttoney!

What should you do if you get hungry?

You should eat. go to the nearest pizza shop and tell them ur hungry and offer to do the dishes for a free pizza

Can you eat this sandwich why?

it defines if you are hungry or not , if you hungry you can eat and because your hungry

What should i have for dinner if I'm hungry and I like pizza?

You should eat pizza.

Constantly thinking of food why?

maybe youre just hungry

What can you eat after having gastric band surgery?

You should not eat unless you are absolutely hungry. If you are hungry, then some of the foods that you should eat are jello, beans, fat-free yogurt, and other foods that are low in fat.

If you eat once a day what should you eat for that one meal?

You should eat a heavy breakfast, so you want feel hungry.

Why should you not eat game meat?

everyone will get hungry in the game

How do you make yourself not hungry?

Eat. Simply put, if you're really, truly hungry, you should eat sensible foods until you aren't hungry. An effective diet is one that can be maintained for the rest of your life and being hungry all the time isn't healthy or maintainable.(who asked this, are you serious, how do i not get hungry you eat?)

What should you do if your child refuses to eat?

Wait until he gets hungry enough to eat. Children won't starve - when he's hungry enough, he'll eat what you put in front of him. (Or her.)

How do you know youre hungry?

When you are hungry you will feel restless, yawn and fail to concentrate. Your mouth will also run dry.

Does your stomach still growl when youre pregnant?

Yes your stomach does growl when you are pregnant, if you are hungry then it will growl no matter what. There is one thing you can do to stop the growling of your hungry stomach. You must eat something....... I recommend beans (a lot of protien)

What should i do if i am hungery even when i eat?