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Blowback pistols are obviously more expensive than non-blowback pistols. On the other hand non-blowback pistols generally have a higher fps and are alot cheaper. It seems that they can use CO2 with less damage or wear and tear to the gun. They seem harder to clean and it seems as though alot of them have internal magazines which are a bit annoying to load. Blowback pistols are obviously easier to load and easier to clean, however it seems as though alot of guns have atleast one problem. That problem could be with a leaking or a slide that doesn't go back all the way. Blowback pistols ALWAYS seem like they have a leaky mag problem and are gas whores, while non-blowback pistols are extremely gas efficient and there mags never leak.

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Q: Should you get a blowback airsoft pistol or a non-blowback?
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What is a nonblowback airsoft gun?

blowback is when the bolt of the rifle, ( the thing that pushes the ball out of the barrel and at your opponent or target) blows back, or the slide on the pistol goes back, after every shot. usually its gas or electric guns, never spring action guns. non-blowback does not have this feature, without it it is much less realistic, and less cool. but when using rifles or SMGs, it doesn't exactly matter. but it does make it look cool.

What store can you find a Y and P M9 Airsoft Gas Non-Blowback pistol? and

How much is an airsoft gun cost?

The pistol is only about 15.99 but the AK airsoft gun is 54.99 the AK has more damge in to it but if You want alot of alot of damge get a BB gun they are metal and hurts alot more. the cost 20.00

Should you lubricate a spring airsoft pistol?

Yes, any airsoft weapon should be lubricated properly.

What is a good CO2 airsoft pistol 300 to 375 fps blowback don't care either way semi auto don't want to have to re-cock it and under 50?

No "good" pistol like that exists under 50 dollars.

Is there such thing as a spring blowback airsoft gun?

A blowback airsoft gun, is a co2 or gas powered airsoft gun where the slide on the top of the gun moves back when fired. Some people like these guns because they look cool when fired, however they use more co2 or gas.

What is blowback on a co2 pistol?

Blowback is when the top of the pistol (the Slide) "Blows Back" and reloads the next shot when the trigger is pulled just like a real semi-auto firearm.

I have Bb rifle for airsoft wars Should I have a Pistol for backup?

I would. But get a good one. Airsoft pistols are bad to jam.

Should you get an airsoft spring pistol or a gas pistol as a side arm?

Definitely a gas pistol, You don't have to cock it between each shot

Is the KWA MAC11 gas blowback machine pistol is worth 129.99?


You have an airsoft m16 should you now get a CO2 pistol or a tri-shot shotgun?

Get the pistol, preferably a 1911, you get better velocity, and a smaller easier to carry pistol.

Are revolver airsoft shells reusable?

I have never seen nor heard of a revolver airsoft pistol with non reusable shells. You should have no problems reusing them.