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1 month without POT is not long enough, and 3 Sundays to Church not enough either, you have been without him now for a while. Make him stay with his job, go to church and stay off the POT, and see if he can run his own household first before you try to let him back into yours. Because I have a Son that has a problem with Drugs and he begs for my help and I have helpped him for the past 17 years, and every time he gets out of prison it's the same ole' thing MOm I will never touch it again I'll go to church and stay clean, but he hasn't proved it yet. So don't give in so easy...YET! There are some programs out there that you need as well as he needs. Yours is Alonon you can look it up either in your yellow pages in the local or look it up online. But go to the Alonon first for about 6 months first, and then think real hard if it is or isn't BEST for YOU & YOUR Child, because when he is smoking that joint he's not thinking of you or his child, it's all about him. THINK ABOUT FIRST!!!!!Your child's safety is first, as well if he is caught in your home with the POT who is going to jail? Yep you and him both, the baby goes to Social Services to Foster Care. Now how much do you really love him?

Answerdon't really know how this all workz but i am appreciative of your response- and its kinda like you know me because- he has lived w/ me since i first got out on my own- he has always had me 2 fall back on and he does plan 2 move out shortly and i know that will help him lotz. i will stick to my gunz and thanks-cheating subject- once a cheater always a cheater- should i keep that in my mind or just give a second and final change??
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Q: Should you get back with your ex if you have a baby together but he cheated and used to smoke pot and he didn't work for 9 months but is now employed trying to get you back and attending church?
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