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If you are talking about things that were bought for you personally then no. However, if things were bought together and you are able to talk with your former partner you could divide things between the two of you. Gifts should not be returned if they were bought for you. If you bought gifts for your partner they should be returned to the rightful owner.

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Q: Should you give things back after the break up?
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No way!

If your ex won't get back at you should you give up?

YES give up already he has moved on and so should you but u both need to express your feelings to each other about your break up do you can still be friends no more though

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i know right sure you can i have before

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What does it mean when your ex wont give you your things back?

It means a few things;Your ex likes you taste in thingsYour ex knows you want your stuff back, and will keep them for that reasonYour ex sold your stuff and is unable to give them backYour ex still loves you and doesn't want to give you your stuff back because that is their last link to youThrew your stuff away

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Break up with him. or try give him a talking to first.

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How do you break a guys heart for breaking yours?

If he broke your heart of course you want to break his back, so this is what you do. If he bought you anything put it at his door step or give it back to him whenever you see him. If you've got a picture of you guys tear it and give him half of the picture (the half he is in). If he bought you a teddy bear RIP OFF ITS HEAD then give it back to him.

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Sometimes it is good to give things away?

if it is meant to be, it will come back.

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