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If there's a valid reason. For example, sometimes wisdom teeth don't have room and will cause damage to the teeth in front of them if allowed to grow in.


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yes it is ok to have popcorn after you get a wisdom tooth pulled out

getting them pulled by a doctor

The stiches should dissolve over the next couple of days on their own - they are not removed.

yes! although it is extremely rare, it has been known to happen.

you should stop bleeding within 24 hrs otherwise you might make a trip back to your dentist to be checked out.

I just had two teeth pulled and my denist said 4 days till I can smoke

yes if you want to feel the pain and receive infections to the mouth cavities

I had chinese food the day of my wisdom tooth pulled...but I only got one done. The top right one, and I lightly rinsed my mouth after i ate.

A sinus infection is normally located in the maxillary sinus cavity, which would, in the ordinary course of things, not be related to having a wisdom tooth pulled. You would have to consult your oral surgeon to see whether he or she would decide upon an extraction of your wisdom tooth. I doubt that it would be a problem. You (and your oral surgeon) would only be concerned about the parietal and/or maxillary nerves close to your wisdom tooth --- and your sinus cavity is not. Regards, Jim.

i don't know i am not a doctor. No, wait a few days. Alcohol slows the wound healing.

Wisdom tooth is the 3rd molars and that build in each quadrant of the mouth.

Every dentist charges different amounts to have a tooth pulled and the location of the dentist will make the cost vary as well. You should expect to spend at least 100 dollars to have 1 tooth pulled.

Yes, you can have a tooth pulled if you're taking Ultram. But you should inform your dentist of all your medications.

well it depends how long after. if you eat it less than 7 hours after, its not recommended

like a normal gum, but with a dip in it (where the tooth has been pulled and then healed over)

yeah!!! i got an infection...and let me tell you it hurts like hell..

Try heat and/or ice packs. Why hasn't your dentist pulled this tooth for you??? Should be easy I would think; talk to your Dr and dentist.

They should only need to be pulled if they are causing a problem. If there is no problem then they are perfectly good teeth to keep.

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