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Should you push your penis hard into your girlfriend she is very tight and you find it very hard to get it in?

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If she enjoys it, and has pleasure then keep doing it with her okay... if it gives her pain, stop and do something else.
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You cannot see the head of your penis and you find it very hard to have sexual intercourse- why has my foreskin completely hidden the head of my penis?

you could try circumcision, but that's up to you Answer The foreskin is a shield to protect the penis from damage, as sexual reproduction is greatly needed in evolution and

Is ganondorf very hard?

The first time it's a little bit tough but if you have most of the hearts and all four bottles it should be easier.. -Jonhis

Can you name a very hard riddle?

there are 3 jugs. 3L 5L 8L jugs 2 friends want 4l each. All your Water is in the 8L Jug and you don't have anything else and they want exactly 4L each how are you going to do

What does 'is very hard' mean?

If something 'is very hard' it means it is solid - for instance if you take mud that is soft, while a slab of granite is very hard in comparison to the mud. It can also be u
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Is the flint rock very hard?

Yes, slithers of which, when broken from a bigger lump (known as'knapping') have sharp cutting edges.