Should you separate the male from the pregnant female?


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Not until she has the babies.

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Once you see that the pregnant female is larger you should separate the male from the female

Sometimes this is only necessary to protect the pregnant sheep from harm from the male. Bucks and does should NEVER be kept together.

Yes, it is best to separate a pregnant female rabbit from the rest of the rabbits.

He gets abused. You have to separate them at this point.

well it can but not if your female is pregnant coz the female wouldn't want to mate nd she would atack the male so if your female is pregnant separate them

definitely yes because the females pups will be in danger

Yes or the female rabbit will be pregnant constantly and the male rabbit MAY eat the babies.

If your hamster is a syrian then after the hamsters have mates, yes, you do have to separate them.

After the female becomes pregnant, she will become very aggressive toward the male. At that point you should separate them. If you do not, the male is going to be severely abused by the female.

Yes they will . They fight due to territory having an intruder . If you want a female betta to get pregnant , you should put them in a separate tank so they will not have any territory . After the female have her eggs , put the male and the female back into their original tank (separate) . Hope that I have helped!

Do NOT separate the male mouse especially if he is the father to the babies and has been living with the female. He is a great parent as long as they have been living together for some time and he will greatly help with the raising of the babies

yes all male hamsters eat their babies when your female hamster is pregnant you should separate the male from the mother and the babies or he will eat them and kill the mother !


When a female rabbit is pregnant she should not be with the male at all... they need to be separated.

You should separate the buck right after the mate. This is because the buck will want to re-mate with the doe. Also make sure the buck is far away from the kits!

As soon as spawning has finished she should be removed. The male will chase the female and kill her otherwise.

Yes you have to separate the male gerbil from the female with her babies because if you leave the male with the female and her babies the male will kill them.

If its a dwarf hamster, you can choose if you want the male to stay. If its a syrian hamster you can give the male away.

The only time a male and female betta or fighting fish should be together is when they breed. Otherwise it's better to separate them before one or the other dies.

You should separate them before she has the babies because almost right after she gives birth she can become pregnant again and you will have bunny explosion!!! Separate them!! The world does not need more bunnies!!!!! :) hope that helps.

The same way as other animals do. There are male and female snakes with male and female parts. The male gets the female pregnant.

well usually when you have a pregnant hamster housed with a male hamster, the female will fight him visously until death. However once her babies are born, the male will eat them! So after you mate them, separate the 2 immediatly.

yes you need to separate them other wise after the female has had her babys she will be able to breed straight after shes had them

If the other pig is a male, please separate them. If it is a female it should be ok.

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