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Not until she has the babies.

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โˆ™ 2011-01-16 16:58:29
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Q: Should you separate the male from the pregnant female?
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When should you separate your male hamster from the pregnant female?

Once you see that the pregnant female is larger you should separate the male from the female

Should you separate the male if the female mite be pregnant?


Should you separate male and female goat when she pregnant?

Yes you should yes you are suppose to

Should you get separate cages for a male and female hamster if she's pregnant?

yes you should

Why should you separate male and female goats when she pregnant?

Sometimes this is only necessary to protect the pregnant sheep from harm from the male. Bucks and does should NEVER be kept together.

What does the male hamster get when the female is pregnant?

He gets abused. You have to separate them at this point.

After a male rabbit has mated with a female rabbit do you have to separate them?

Yes, it is best to separate a pregnant female rabbit from the rest of the rabbits.

Should you separate your female pregnant dog away from your male dog?

definitely yes because the females pups will be in danger

Is it a good to allow your male rabbit to mate?

well it can but not if your female is pregnant coz the female wouldn't want to mate nd she would atack the male so if your female is pregnant separate them

If your hamster is pregnant do you have to separate the male hamster from the female?

If your hamster is a syrian then after the hamsters have mates, yes, you do have to separate them.

Do you have to separate the male rabbit for the female and her babies?

Yes or the female rabbit will be pregnant constantly and the male rabbit MAY eat the babies.

If you put a girl hamster and a boy in a cage will they fight?

After the female becomes pregnant, she will become very aggressive toward the male. At that point you should separate them. If you do not, the male is going to be severely abused by the female.

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