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When the temperature is 47 degrees, NOTHING is in danger of freezing !

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Q: Should you turn on your heater to protect the pipes or just the water flow when temp outside is 47 degrees?
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Your water heater is boiling hot and is not turning its self off?

Shut off the gas valve feeding the heater until a qualfied service person diagnoses and repairs the problem. The valve should be just outside the heater, turn the handle 90 degrees until it is perpendicular to the pipe.

Why do you not have hot heat inside vehicle at 30 degrees or less outside temperature but at 50 degrees it will be just fine on a 1988 Cherokee?

The heater core may be plugged or bad. You can either flush the heater core and the 2 lines running thru the firewall to the heater core or you can replace the heater core.

Can a hot water heater be placed outside in Miami?

Yes, a hotwater heater may be placed outside anywhere in the state of Florida. It should be under cover such as a garage or shed.

Is reverse cycle air conditioning cheaper than an electric heater?

A reverse cycle A/C must mean a heat pump. Every heat pump has a C.O.P. or coefficient of performance. They are rated at 17 and 47 degrees outside. A new heat pump should be around 3.3 at 47 degrees and 2.1 at 17 degrees. This means even at 17 degrees outside, it will produce 2.1 btu per kilowatt to 1 btu per kilowatt of an electric strip heater. And 3.3 to 1 at 47 degrees. Depending on where you live though, the electric heater may be needed to supplement the capacity of the heat pump.

How hot should the water be from pool heater?

Most comfortable is 85 degrees F.

Where is it safe to use a propane heater?

You should only use them outside with good ventilation.

Your new water heater's thermostat is calibrated in degrees Celsius. What setting should you use if you want a hot water temperature of 140 degrees F?

60 degrees C

Why do the windows sweat inside when the heater or the defrost is on just got heater core done?

you may have your switch on your heater control set to recirculate the inside air. it should be set for outside air recirculation

How long should a car heater take to warm up?

How long it takes a car heater to warm up depends on the temperature outside. In cold weather the heater can take several minutes to warm up.

What is the highest temp setting for hot water heater?

For safety, it should be kept below 120 degrees F.

What causes the heater blower motor in an 2002 Chevy silverado not to work in 1-2-3 speed but 4-5 speeds work fine?

the heater fan resister,it is or should be on inside or on outside heater box.

3kw heater heating a 10 pool how long?

3kw heater heating a 10 foot pool may take 4 to 8 hours for heating it up to 20 to 25 Degrees Celsius. This also depends on the outside temperature.

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