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Depends on how experienced in building you are. Remember, if something goes wrong you are responsible for all cost to repair. If you get a pool builder it may cost a little more but all problems are his.

It is VERY important to use a pool consultant to insure that you get the best for your money. Let's face it, a swimming pool is most likely the largest and longest term investment a person will make for their home besides a new home!

Best bet is get a local Licensed Professional. Your local and state building department will have a list of them and the licensed professional will have a license number to show you. Ask your licensed professional for a copy of his insurance.

Professionals in the swimming pool industry are always available for any swimming pool project small or large. Of course when you hire a professional you are getting years of training and knowledge, not to mention a huge network of support from other industry professionals as well.

Ask for a pool pro who in fact does have a license, insurance, references.

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Q: Should you use a pool consultant?
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